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Full Version: Shrivathsa's Portfolio
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This is my portfolio.

I have tried to put the investment reason in one or two lines.

If I cut and paste, the formatting will be awful.

So, please open the attachment to read the portfolio.

If, however, you want to just skim the names, here they are (in Alphabetical order)

Altamir SCA (LTA)
BAE Systems
BRC Asia
CBK-DE (Commerzbank AG)
CIMB Asean 40 ETF
CNP Assurances (CNP)
FJ Benjamin
HPH Trust
Interserve (IRV)
iShares Barclays USD Asia High Yield Bond Index ETF (O9P)
Kcom Group
Keppel Corp
Keppel REIT
Lans Van Lanschot
Lectra (LSS)
Lyxor Europe ETF (JC5)
Lyxor H.S.I ETF (A9B)
Lyxor Japan 10US$ (CW4)
Mensch Und Machine (MUM)
NN Group (NN)
Noble Group
Religare H Trust
Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA)
Sabana REIT
ST Engineering
Tesco (TSCO)
UTV Media Plc (UTV)
Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE)
Veolia Environnement (VIE)

Hope this list gives you some new names to evaluate.

Cheers, and yes, I agree in advance, there are way too many counters, should look to cut down.
waos... sooo many counters!! how's ur % per counter? evenly distributed or fragmented? Big Grin
Thanks for sharing!
Hi brattzz,

It is not evenly distributed.

In an ideal scenario, I want it to be evenly distributed and have around 20-25 counters.

Unfortunately, some are over-weight, some are underweight, I have been meaning to take stock and re-balance, but keep putting it off.

The current weights are

Altamir SCA (LTA) 0.79%
BAE Systems 1.25%
BRC Asia 1.27%
Capitaland 2.26%
CBK-DE (Commerzbank AG) 0.78%
Centrica 1.65%
CIMB Asean 40 ETF 0.96%
CNP Assurances (CNP) 1.03%
DBS 1.23%
DBXT CSI300 ETF (KT4) 2.17%
FJ Benjamin 1.29%
Homeserve 1.65%
HPH Trust 2.46%
IES 2.34%
Interserve (IRV) 1.36%
iShares Barclays USD Asia High Yield Bond Index ETF (O9P) 1.88%
Kcom Group 1.01%
Keppel Corp 7.53%
Keppel REIT 0.82%
Ladbrokes 0.73%
Lans Van Lanschot 1.23%
Lectra (LSS) 2.73%
Lyxor Europe ETF (JC5) 2.15%
Lyxor H.S.I ETF (A9B) 1.36%
Lyxor Japan 10US$ (CW4) 1.05%
Mensch Und Machine (MUM) 0.81%
NN Group (NN) 0.76%
Noble Group 1.77%
NOL 5.99%
Olam 1.80%
Religare H Trust 2.55%
Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) 1.64%
Sabana REIT 2.80%
SATS 4.22%
SGX 4.98%
SIA 5.88%
ST Engineering 2.54%
STI ETF 2.30%
Tesco (TSCO) 0.96%
Unilever 0.91%
UTV Media Plc (UTV) 0.85%
Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE) 2.93%
Venture 5.38%
Veolia Environnement (VIE) 1.44%
Wilmar 6.48%

thanks shriva, Big Grin

how do you manage to stay updated on all these counters? it's impossible really! Big Grin
Just buy and forget?
Just missing letters g,j,p,x,y,z Big Grin
Hi Shrivathsa,

Have you work out any TP for your counters?
(06-09-2014, 05:11 PM)thor666 Wrote: [ -> ]Just missing letters g,j,p,x,y,z Big Grin

Hi Thor666,

Funnily, about six months back, I was actually looking for counters in the missing letters as I had too many S.

So, I evaluated Golden Agri,Jardine group, Parkson Retail, XMH, Yeo Hiap Seng and Zagro.

Zagro and Parkson Retail were the two I almost bought, but, then I decided that I was rushing into a decision and to observe for a year and find out more, before I actually buy it.

(05-09-2014, 10:39 PM)brattzz Wrote: [ -> ]thanks shriva, Big Grin

how do you manage to stay updated on all these counters? it's impossible really! Big Grin
Just buy and forget?

Largely, I see the portfolio news on Google finance sometimes.

But, yes, you are right, it is impossible to keep track of 47, by next year end, I will cut this down to 25 almost equal weighted ideas and around 10 ETFs

I update the prices once a month, or so and then see whether anything has dramatically changed, for example, the Ladbrokes case of loss of some terminals, Tesco's dividend cut etc.

If it changes my short investment idea, very drastically, then, they have no place, get rid of it, profit or loss. This does not occur very often, about once or twice a year.

To give one example, RSA Insurance was one which I held for a while, the investment idea was that it offers a clutch of insurance which is at below book, then they saw a scandal in Ireland, i think, bottom line I was no longer comfortable, holding it, so, out it went.

Another example was Nordion, I held it and doubled up on the way, sadly they were bought out, so, while I did gain 50% on my investment, it was some way short of what I thought they would go to, the idea was they were trading at 7.5$ with cash of around 5. My thesis was that they could double. But, they decided to sell out at around 14.
(07-09-2014, 03:52 PM)edragon Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Shrivathsa,

Have you work out any TP for your counters?

I am trying to hit annualized return of around 12-14% for a counter, not an exact target price, but, good point, makes sense to have a target price to sell.