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Full Version: Starburst Holdings
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Results out. The star is falling... And I'm surprised that management glossed over the big drop in revenue and net loss.

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A falling star indeed.

OCBC ceases coverage on Starburst

SINGAPORE (March 9): OCBC Investment Research is ceasing coverage on firearms-training facilities provider Starburst Holdings due to lack of market liquidity.
Nordic Group is buying the 69.7% controlling block from the 2 founders/EDs - Mr Edward Lim Chin Wah and Mr Yap Tin Foo - and has made a voluntary conditional offer at $0.238/share with the view to privatise Starburst Holdings..

Another promising company to be delisted from SGX!

While Lim and Yap are giving up their combined ambition to build Starburst's well-established business as a listed enterprise and apparently now prefer to be just salary managers under Nordic Group, a relevant question for Starburst's minority shareholders : Is $0.238/share a fair price or good enough?
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