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Full Version: Sunningdale Technology
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Found a company similar to Fischer Tech which was introduced in VB. Sunningdale is a company in the plastic mold industry. It's largest revenue is from the consumer/IT segment while Fischer is from automotive.

Using its full year result, free cash flow is about 3.6 cents. This gives it a P/FCF of 4.47X. However extrapolating this yr's Q1 cashflow results, free cash flow will be about 2.2 cents (Figure excludes the $8M disposal of the Joo Koon Property).

In addition, the company is in a net cash position of $32M vs mkt cap of $123M. To add, net current asset on balance sheet is $122M and NAV is $260M. Its is a rather interesting company and is comparable to Fischer Tech. I notice Mr. Market likes to value companies in the plastic molding industry at low ratios, which could be due to the fact the industry is tied to economic boom and bust.

Company recently did a restructuring of its Europe operations and could be turning around its results. Current div is 0.7 cents giving it a yield of 4.3%, (which is more than the prevailing CPF-SA rate above 60k Tongue ). In my view, they are able to sustain paying this dividend amount considering their $80M cash hoard.

<vested in Fischer, contemplating adding sunningdale>
coincidentally i had a look today and decided they are mostly "LPPL" though fischer seems slightly less expensive.

so since you have fischer tech already no point getting sunningdale tech unless you wanna diversify a little.
What's lppl?
I knew someone was gonna ask that hahaha... its actually hokkien language, I will PM you the meaning Tongue
Lol. Alamak not very nice words. Don't learn better CY09

Haha you got my interest there now..I want to know whats LPPL too!
Knowing what LPPL means ... won't make you any money.
But, knowing why the company is going to Brazil and how they are doing in Batam might make you some.

Plastics [Reg]: Singapore-based toolmaker and molder expands in Brazil
2014-06-11 15:51:16.715 GMT
Brazil is not a good place to setup factory. A lot of strikes going on all the times, efficiency maybe low and cost easily overrun...
Looking at the financials, I don't like how the company keeps losing major clients resulting in impairments to goodwill affecting their P/L. Furthermore, this has not been just a one off thing but happened twice. I feel there are companies in the same business as Sunningdale that are much stronger like Memtech Intl.
with a strong chief of beyond proven track record like koh boon hwee at the helm, i believe its financials will get stronger with time.

not vested. but keeping a watchful eye on it.
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