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Full Version: The value of politicking?!!
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SG parliament restarts today and already politickings is getting on my nerves...Angry

Constructive Politickings

LTK Vs President's speech Vs Iranee Vs Singh...

I really wish all these politickings to stop and focus on the real issues on-hand...transport/NS/populations/healthcare/retirement...

i want to ask VBs...Big Grin

What is the true value of politickings? Tongue
Policies, whether u like it or not, will affect you directly or indirectly

There is usually no one way to skin a cat. Different stakeholders view the same issue differently. Constructive political bargaining can allow the optimal way to be found that benefit most stakeholders.
It does, but to see time spend on politickings, without any efficiency in solving real issues on-hand... really a waste of resource leh...
Some many issues still not handled leh! Big Grin
Just another job - in this case well paid. When they cannot convince you they will try to confuse you.

Just need to cut out the noise and stay focus, concentrate in your own business with convictions.

Come to think about, they are high profile consultants, aren't they?

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