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Hi, what's your number? I have friends looking for property to invest.

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Ok just sent you a message via whatsapp


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Do note that after 12 Jan 2013, if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), you are not allowed to sublet your entire flat, even if your Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) has been fulfilled.

HDB Sublet Whole Flat Guideline
I guess PR owned flats are best place to do spot check if they are not in country often or has private property within singapore.
(21-05-2014, 12:44 PM)corydorus Wrote: [ -> ]I guess PR owned flats are best place to do spot check if they are not in country often or has private property within singapore.
Ya law, see the following posted two days ago.

where: Tanjong Pagar HDB 4 room
what: illegal subletting
how: 36 pax, got boy got girl. fr Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and China

HDB illegal subletting at Tanjong pagar

Very sad.
Quote:I got a problem and I hope all can understand.
I find it increasing difficult to post under the "APPROPRIATE" post/heading because there are simply too many threads in
So, I decided to post my personal post under the "travel and tour" and anything else under this thread.
This will make my life simple and make my job of posting in much easier (instead of searching up and down for thread/heading to avoid duplicate thread)

I read Prof Lim Chong Yah "An Insider's View SGP's National Wages Council" and learn a lot.

1998 Crisis:

Prof Lim (being the chairman of NWC):
"With the counter measures that we have proposed to take, I assure you that before we meet again for the next round of NWC meetings next year, the financial crisis for Singapore would be over. We will continue with affluence and the sharing of affluence, not woe and trouble as we have at the moment."

There was complete silence at what might appear to some as his brazen optimism.

Someone broke the long silence and said:
"Mr Chairman, I support the measures you have proposed, particularly your strong optimism."

Prof Lim, said jokingly, as at time they did in NWC:
"Why is it that you are always the first to understand the problems, the causes and the solutions?"

That person replied, also jokingly:
"Mr Chairman, in a class of 30, you are bound to find one most outstanding student."

All joined in the laughter.

Make a guess, who is the that person?

Tips: (present in the meeting)
Mr Khaw Boon Wan, then Perm Sec of Ministry of Trade and Industry
Mr Lim Swee Say, then Dy Sec Gen of NTUC

[Image: lim%20chong%20yah.jpeg]
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