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Full Version: Why US President OBAMA doesn't visit Singapore
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He is in Malaysia now, so near and yet so far.
Why should he visit Singapore?
What could he gain here that he can not gain elsewhere?
What's our unique value proposition to Obama?

I remind myself of our LKY HARDTRUTH.

Heart Love Compassion

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
Maybe Sg took away many of their financial businesses, and took away their FTs?
The past Presidents , Bush senior and junior visited Singapore when they were in Asia.
Sometimes, it is just a matter of employing some lobbyists.

Anyway, I prefer him not to come and jammed the expressways due to road blockages by TP.
Actually he knows Singapore very well and our leaders are quite close. I remember they will meet during stopover in singapore. Sometimes closeness is when you do not meet in media spotlight. Instead you have to show its when there aren't or trying to build trust.
Already allowing them to park their navy here, give intelligence to them, hands always outstretched for a handshake regardless of what happens...

Haha... no additional benefits in coming here at all. Might even piss off Malaysia (by showing them that SG and Msia are equal in USA's eyes) if he stops over.
No more joke about PRC , so why bother to come.
I think he cancelled once to Malaysia due to budget crisis. This is like payback. Haha
(27-04-2014, 03:23 PM)Lancelot Wrote: [ -> ]No more joke about PRC , so why bother to come.

Ha! Ha!
You still remember PRC jokes.
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