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Full Version: Iskandar losing shine due to rising costs, labour issues
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Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.

I wonder how much longer can this Iskandar dream last before people realizing it was a bubble all along
Going to end up like the bubble at sentosa cove B-)

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(15-09-2014, 11:14 AM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]Msia probably didn’t expect Spore to raise the toll on the Spore side to match the toll on the Msia side. Spore has said that she is following Msia lead in this increase, which effective put the “blames” on Msia. It went further to say that if Msia decided to lower the toll, Spore will follow suit, thereby putting the ball on the Msia court. Politically smart move.

On the whole, I think Msia is at a more disadvantage than Spore. Just think about these two things: Msia wants Sporean to go there to spend money; and Msian wants to come to Spore to work because they can earn a higher wages. Any factors that affect this two things is at a disadvantage to Msia. Now I wonder if the Johor state will go ahead to implement the levy on Spore cars entering Johor, which they have said previously should be no less than RM50 per entry. This is on top of all toll charges. Their PM has already approved this proposal.

I think Johor (but not other Msian states) wants Singaporeans $ and jobs. People in KL dont give a hoot because they have no vested interests.
It is strange because Najib and Lee seems to be getting along very well. I'm wondering if there is some political positioning in Johor state.
Eventually 羊毛出在羊身上, Sheep's wool comes off the sheep's back.
All the pre cast panels comes from Johor so who pays all these increases.
Infrastructure works, etc. etc.
Alternative is Batam which prices are higher and require minimum quantity order as transport is much further and by barges so require a minimum before the barge departs port.

My friend who operates a restaurant have been hunting high and low for workers for many months without success. He is especially looking for traditional sources (Malaysia) as the quota is higher. He is very desperate.
It is a trade-off... foreigner influx or moderate growth. The former is easier to quantify but the later will have to translate to productivity yield which takes much more time and effort
Najib and Spore PM are in good relationship. However the 3rd party here is Johor Sultan. I heard (just market talks) Federal government has a masterplan to transform Johor. However Sultan is selling land to China developers for himself without caring about the masterplan. Federal and Spore govt need to work together to slow down the market. One thing within their control is the causeway. .and to make it expensive and troublesome for investors to go over. Hopefully these Chinese developers will pack up and go and not building city on reclaimed land which create too much supply and also creating a security threat to Spore. .. anyone from these 40 storeys condo can see everything in Singapore. ...
^^ BTW Puteri Harbour has a wonderful view of SAF Live Firing Area.....

Federal Govt has limited powers in the individual states affairs. Settle the water concessions in Selangor
also takes so long..
I was thinking the issue is the Johor Sultan as well. See how his JV with Rowsley can sidestep the foreign buyer limit

But I am not well verse in Malaysia state politics and what transpired since Badawi came up with the Iskandar concept that led to this bad blood. Is the Sultan pro Najib or Anwar?

Wondering if those Chinese developers' plans come under the Iskandar Regional Development Authority, or the Sultan try to play around the rules by doing reclaimed land.
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