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Full Version: Very low murder risk
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The Economist magazine ( Issue 12 April) printed a brief snip on murder risk and quoted Singapore citizens having 1 chance in 256,000 compared to 1 chance in 13,500 in USA and 1 chance in 599 for someone living in the Honduras .

So well done Singapore!
? economists doing risk assessment on murder risk? :O
(16-04-2014, 09:17 PM)brattzz Wrote: [ -> ]? economists doing risk assessment on murder risk? :O

The Economist isn't really a magazine for economist... and they didn't do the risk assessment, they kope the study and just republished the results.

Btw recommend every1 to read TE =). Apparently it's the only reading/journal that Charlie Munger read cover to cover.
a bit lame assessment,
small island so crowded, even when yr neighbour sneeze, u can hear, how to execute a murder?
more mental murder and road accident murder maybe?