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Full Version: Will you pay $17 for a bowl of laksa?
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Yahoo Singapore, By Kai Fong – December 28th, 2010

It seems to be getting harder these days for one to enjoy a decently priced meal of hawker food.

From $13 for a plate of nasi padang to $17 for a bowl of laksa, food courts in shopping malls have seen an invasion of hawker food at restaurant prices.

And while it was previously common only at food outlets in town, these hefty prices are now creeping into our neighbourhoods, much to the ire of patrons.

But stall owners say they have little choice but to charge such prices due to high rents and food costs, reported The Straits Times.

At a newly opened food court, Rasapura Masters in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for instance, a meal of nasi padang with three side dishes — meat, seafood and vegetables — can easily cost as much as $13.30.

In comparison, Indonesian restaurant Tambuah Mas at Marina Square offers a $9 rice set with four sides — an egg, one meat and two vegetable items.

But it’s not only the integrated resorts that are charging sky-high prices for hawker food.

Food Republic and Food Junction stalls in Singapore’s newest heartland mall Nex at Serangoon are also selling meals priced above $10.

At its 3rd Generation Laksa and Prawn Noodle’s stall, prawn noodles go for $11 while its laksa, which has two jumbo prawns, costs $17.

The question now, however, should be whether customers are willing to spend more on hawker food previously available at less than $5.

Will you pay $17 for a bowl of laksa?

I rather pay $7 for my upsized macdonalds =P
is it realli true that food junction at nex sells its laksa for $17? i went there last weekend to try out foodjunction located just next to challenger store..maybe is still renovating but i couldnt find such $17 laksa store..
Texas Chicken at 4th level taste good. Big Grin And a two piece meal cost $7. Cheaper than that laska.
Nt sure..........but even at jurong pt extension, these foods are more than $5..........

So there is some truth in this article......

The funny thing is that, only the newer set-ups are like this, at "old jurong pt" the prices are still reasonable
The article is a little sensationalist I think.

In an article in the ST, it does mention that the stall sells a $4.20 version of the laksa. So it's a matter of price discrimination not so much that people don't have a choice.

' Wrote:Pricey food court fare irks diners
Mrs Tan of 3rd Generation said she offers more affordable options for customers who do not want to fork out higher prices. They can go for the stall's regular prawn noodles, priced at $4.60, and its 'normal' laksa, which sells for $4.20.

I couldn't find the link to the ST (anyway, that one needs paid subscription no?)

This isn't a new thing no? Prawn mee stalls in quite a few places have been doing this for years. Anyone tried the Prawn Mee at Pek Kio? Absolutely love it but only had the $10 ver once. Most times, the $5 will do.
Oic, thanks for writing abt the $4.20 version..........

I always felt that yahoo news are kinda fanning the "fire"
(29-12-2010, 08:16 PM)pianist Wrote: [ -> ]is it realli true that food junction at nex sells its laksa for $17? i went there last weekend to try out foodjunction located just next to challenger store..maybe is still renovating but i couldnt find such $17 laksa store..

I remember reading that $17 laska was sold at Food Republic.

But its madness to pay that kind of price no matter how super duper jumbo sized the prawn is. I think the food operator is confused. If they want to sell $17 laska, they should open a restaurant and not sell it at a food court.

So I'm not sure what's behind the thinking. If I want to pay $17 for a meal, I definitely wont bother to go to the food court and jostle to queue for food, a table and be expected nowadays to clear your own tray when you finished.
$17 for a bowl of laksa at food court? No way for me. I will rather buy three bowls of the $4.6 one which I believe if combined will give more prawn meat than the two jumbo prawn. The balance change is enough to buy me a drink and a train ticket back home Tongue
wow, 4x the price of a $4.60 laksa, don't think the stall will last beyond 3 months Tongue
Definitely sensationalist news lah.

Tho if food courts all around start charging such prices, I'd panic unless I am an old man by then

I think I better start learning cooking skills from my mom so I will be less likely to held ransom by the hawkers heh
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