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Full Version: China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) NYSE: CHL
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There is a separate thread in the HKSE thread

This is the ADR on NYSE.
Yesterday most China counters drop, including this.

Near the 45 support
Decent and growing dividend >4.5%
Earnings announcement* for CHL: Mar 13, 2014

Price has been in dropping trend.

[Image: ms9p2hs.jpg]
[Image: hSvtdFD.jpg]
Nice price recovery.

People do get hooked onto convenience. Population growth will increase the bottom line.

China mobile is setting itself apart from the other telcos by developing their own flavor of connection.... Apart from GSM, 3G, LTE

Security and sensitivity of wiretapping / telco equipment devices by US and other perceived hostile countries pushed china and it will be the standard it's citizens will follow sooner or later.

My best guess scenario.