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Full Version: TODAY: Interesting reads from The New York Times Internatiomal Weekly
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TODAY: Interesting reads from The New York Times Internatiomal Weekly

Pg 11. Liquid-cooled Computers to Cut Costs
Japan is driven to reduce electricity consumption since Mar 2011 earthquake and Tsunami that caused a meltdown in Fukushima Daiichi Power plant.

Pg 10 Astronomical Encounter That May Test Theory of Relativity
For the first time, watching a gas cloud collides with a black hole. While scientists expects to observe the event beginning March, it occurred 26,000 yr ago.

Pg 10 Phantom Tunes Shed Light on the Brain
Sylvia was haunted by passages fr a piano that wasn't really there.
Scientists were able to compare Sylvia's Brian activity when she was experiencing hallucinations that both quiet and loud. Dr Friston proposed that our brains are prediction-generating machines. Our brain generates prediction based on our past experience. If the prediction is wrong, our brains quickly recognise and make a new prediction. Smile

Pg 8 Intel Labs Social Scientists Watch as People Use Technology
Laptops that let people talk, robots that sense moods.

Pg 8 Apple's Low-Key Purchases Hint at its Plan
Last 15 month, 20 coy, $525m (2x last year same period)

PrimeSense - sensors that help Xbox control game using body
Locationary, HotStop & Embark - mapping
SnappyLabs - camera app (2 pax company)
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