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Interesting substantial shareholder emerges:

NTAsian Discovery Fund founded by Kenneth Ng & John Thompson

(Revested recently)
(03-09-2015, 09:55 AM)ksir Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting substantial shareholder emerges:

NTAsian Discovery Fund founded by Kenneth Ng & John Thompson

(Revested recently)

Except for "About Us", the rest of info need login.
anyone went for the AGM today?
(26-10-2015, 11:08 PM)palantir Wrote: [ -> ]anyone went for the AGM today?

Hi palantir,

I did but had to leave after 2 hrs of shareholders questioning the board on various resolutions. Generally, the points summarized as follow:

1. Shareholder question about razor99 short sell report.
2. Board appointed Deloitte to investigate report and the results were not out before AGM.
3. Understandably some shareholders did not find it fit that queries were not being addressed which forms the basis of the financial report. (technicality: I believe the resolution is to accept the accuracy financial report numbers rather than the integrity of the company and its financials. YMMV)
4. Many going back and forth. Chairman kept highlighting that he need to spend lots of time to explain details and that there is a system/professionals that should be respected.
5. Imo my feel is that the board should have prepared shareholders with very clear disclaimers beforehand and handled situation better. Noted that newly appointed director munir did eventually say that in his own capacity, he is not aware of any corruption by silverlake during his previous tenure in related banking.
6. Also felt that there were some queries that the board could not keep addressing without getting into trouble.. Unfortunately for the board, their words hold more liability in public space than the shareholders.

The back and forth was particularly frustrating as I was not able to attend the post AGM Q&A due to my personal time constraints. Any other participants, I do appreciate you sharing experience here or in private.

I can summarize some minutes of meeting when I get around to typing them.

Above my comments and paraphrasing from memory, apologies if it is less than accurate.

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GIT Infotech (GIT) weighs on Silverlake Axis (SLA)

I was curious about how GIT weighs on SLA in term of Market Cap.
Hence I did below vague calculation.
I definitely hope I get all numbers right, but if it's wrong, it's unintended.

As per 30-Oct-2015:
SLA Total Shares: 2,697,051,730
SLA Market Price: S$ 0.575
SLA Market Cap: S$1,550,804,745

GIT Total Shares (from SLA announcement): 133,340,000
GIT Market Price: RMB 57.55
GIT Market Cap: RMB 7,673,717,000
RMB to SGD Exc Rate: 0.22158
GIT Market Cap: S$1,700,342,213

Apparently if the numbers are right, GIT Market Cap is bigger than SLA.
SLA owns 20.25% of GIT, hence SLA stake in GIT in current price (assume they can sell at this price): S$344,319,298.
SLA stake in GIT is about 22% of current SLA Market Cap.

At the AGM, when asked about GIT, Chairman answer was they are thinking really really really hard about it.
He added that it's really really hard to be successful in China, unless we spend tremendous times, attention & costs there.
He said that they probably don't want to just be there but also can't ignore China & its competitive human brain.
SLA CEO is sitting on GIT board and he mentioned about the new developments in GIT after IPO.
He added that their current PE is about 90-95.

My personal take is that they also thinking to sell at that insanely high Market Price.
But they still need to be in China and hence can't just sell their stakes.

Thanks thor666

There is also an article on the AGM
Silverlake Releases Executive Report By Deloitte Singapore

The Board is of the view that the Executive Report clearly bears out that there was no impropriety in connection with the transactions reviewed and that these were undertaken in due compliance with applicable statutory and listing requirements and were beneficial to the Company.

The Company would also like to invite interested shareholders (or their designated representatives) to attend an Investor Information Meeting ("Meeting"), together with the Board and management of the Company, for a presentation on the key aspects of the Executive Report.

The details of the Meeting, in relation to which a separate invitation letter will be sent to all shareholders, are as follows:
Date : Monday, 25 January 2016
Time : 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Venue : Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595
So the falls today probably due to this!
Interesting approach though, investor info meeting. I shall attend to find out.
<vested, non core>
The complex IPTs of the company will continue...

(not vested)

Silverlake Axis Solution Powers the Newly Launched Growth Accelerator Exchange (GAX) Digital Platform

The Board of Directors of Silverlake Axis Ltd (“SAL” or “the Group”) is pleased to announce that the
Group’s financial technology solutions are powering the newly launched Growth Accelerator Platform
GAX is a digital economy offering launched and funded by a Silverlake private entity controlled by SAL’s
controlling shareholder, Mr Goh Peng Ooi. The platform will be rolled out in phases, with the first phase to
be carried out in Malaysia.
does anyone know if the investor presentation is open for public?

i tried emailing investor relations to ask, email bounced saying the email address only accept email from internal network zzzzz
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