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Full Version: Swipe for LOVE
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Swipe for LoVE - ST by Melissa Kok

Mobile dating apps are catching on among singles, with at least 4 new locally developed apps launched in the past year.

"My finger is cramming from swiping at men's pictures.
Trawling through endless lists of singletons (or supposed singletons) is just too time-consuming." Melissa, after trying out three mobile dating apps.

Of the three apps, I had the most success with Paktor: Out of the 13 matches i got, I chatted up 4, and eventually met 2 of them.

One was a 35 years fitness instructor.
We had an evening jog at sentosa, followed by dinner at food center in Pasir Panjang. I was pleasantly surprised upon meeting him. He was tanned, fit and looked just like his photos on the app. He was well mannered and struck me as genuine and down-to-earth.
You can meet a decent guys through a mobile app, I though.

Second person I met was a 31 yr old financial planner. He told me he like Zouk. So when I was there with friends one weekend, I texted him and we met at the bar.
Tall, lean and fair, and well dressed in a suite jacket over T shirt and jeans.
He turn out to be sociable and easy to get along with. He introduced me to his friends, all of then were well spoken and friendly.

Heart Love Compassion

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Yah! I need this!