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Full Version: The forum is too erratic
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In these three months, your admin admits that the forum is too erratic :
Some contributions:
1. Migration from $1 USD shared hosting to $10 shared hosting to $25~$34 vps hosting to $20 vps hosting, those needed a DNS changes that took about 6 hours to 24 hours to resolve.
2. Changes from Apache webserver to Cherokee webserver to Nginx webserver.
3. Changes from PHP-FastCGI to PHP-FPM.
4. Some tweeks in webserver and software configurations to boost performance that sometimes broke the system.

Your admin did the above mentioned because he wants a low cost, high perfomance and high availability forum established from the beginning, before the forum is growing bigger to make things more complicated to change or migrate.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Thanks for the effort! Smile
I second that. Wonderful to have a responsive and pro-active admin!
You are the best Smile
Thanks for the continuous efforts to improve the forum! 3 cheers to Admin!

Seriously, some of the other forums have totally bo chap admins who just allow any sort of remarks, personal attacks, mudslinging, spam and other crap. I am glad this forum is well-regulated and policed and that the Admin is constantly replying to queries and technical issues. Makes me feel proud to be part of the community.

Keep it up!
You have the maturity to do a self critique - that means you will only get better. Smile
Very happy to be in this forum. Compliment to Admin and all forumers.
All the best.
Cyclone, Thank you. Do let us know if contribution/donation is still needed.
Thank you thank you! Big Grin
Thanks for your hard work. Smile

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