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Full Version: SGX company disclosure
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Hi, need some technical help. Just happen lately that I am unable to access the company disclosure from the SGX website. Not sure if it is my computer or something wrong with the sgx website. When I get to the page for the drop down of announcement period or the company name, it wouldn't drop down and as a result I don't get any info when I click Go. Didn't do anything to my computer at all.

Pls help. Tks
Just happened to me too today. What I did was remove old versions of Java and reinstall the latest Java and it worked again.

Hope this helps.
it's SGX problem.....
I did encounter the similar issue some time, and it will go away after I restart the browser and revisit the site again.

Hope it helps. I do agree it is SGX web site issue.
As an alternative, use VB's Company News :