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Full Version: Cash as Asset Allocation ?
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(02-02-2014, 06:06 PM)weijian Wrote: [ -> ]It will be interesting to poll for the various answers again, let's say when the STI is at a level of 2,500? Big Grin

There is nothing better than a bear market to expose our risk-management, conviction and TRUE temperament.

at 2,500 i may be about 70-75%% invested from my 45+% now. taking the 3300-3400 level as peak , 2500 is less than 30% drop, juicy but not that juicy Dodgy

Dividend is good but value buying is even better, can double or triple returns almost always within the ~10yr peak/crash cycle, thats not even counting in the dividend gains.

Remember AFC times when Great Eastern rocketed to $20 then did the 1 to 4 split then up again? Big Grin

And I am sure many valuebuddies also got in on the 20/30 cent guthrie like many years ago that skyrocket to 88 cents? goood times....

its a shame Superbowl only made it to 75cents though, otherwise would have been more than double.
based on yr 10 yr cycle theory, the next peak/crash will happen only in 2018/2019..the climb to the top is seems always a slow daunting process..
Let us presume(madness in play) 10year cycle theory is possible. Meanwhile, what are we going to do from now till 2018/19? It's another 5 to 6 years. Keep on looking for under value stocks lol.
2008, 2000 and 1996 crash yes. But i cannot see a 10 years cycles.
You guys need to teach me how you read that. I can't smell anything from the STI.

Is more like a myth currently. Smile
Of course it's a myth. It is only dangerous when we can't be sure whether it's a myth or truth. But that is what dreams are made off. It's good to indulge in "fairy tales" once a while . Only be very careful not to be carried away and not able to return to reality.
Who have no dreams(aka visions) are dead.
90% vested 10% cash
added some ang pow $$ during the chinese new year
gonna use up my cash on some blue chips by end of the week

I'm not greedy, if can make 10-15% long term annual returns I would be very happy already.
That's why I'm not too focused on timing the market bottom.

Cheers ^^
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