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Full Version: Hero pulls man out of burning car on BKE just before it explodes
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commendable effort by a self-employed mr. lim. he deserved to be mentioned.

SINGAPORE - An accident on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) on Friday afternoon left a couple injured and their car on fire.

Thankfully, both the driver and passenger were pulled to safety by two motorists before the car exploded into flames, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

According to the Chinese evening daily on Saturday, the incident occurred at about 1.20pm.

Mr Yang, 44, a truck driver, told the paper that he had stopped his lorry by the side of the road as he suspected a tyre had burst. But seconds later, a blue sedan rammed into the rear of the lorry and spun 180 degrees, hitting another car before stopping next to the lorry. Flames started to shoot out of the car bonnet.

Motorist Mr Lim, 53, who is self-employed, also stopped his car by the side of the road to help.

"I saw that the driver was unconscious and the woman was frightened and pale," said Mr Yang, speaking to the reporter in Chinese. The car door was damaged from the impact and could not be opened.

Mr Yang then took a hammer and broke the window on the passenger side to rescue the woman. "She asked how her husband was after I pulled her to safety," said Mr Yang.

Mr Yang and Mr Lim then tried to help the driver out of the burning car.

"We helped to release the driver's seatbelt, but could not open the door as it was wedged against the lorry," said Mr Yang.

A TNP photojournalist who was on the scene after passing by the accident suggested that they try to pull the driver out from the rear passenger door.

The two men eventually managed to pull the driver out from the front seat, and photos showed Mr Lim dragging him to safety by the side of the road. The driver regained consciousness soon after.

According to the Shin Min Daily News, barely a minute after the driver was rescued, there was an explosion and the entire car was engulfed in flames.

SCDF confirmed the accident with AsiaOne. Here is SCDF's statement:

SCDF received a call at around 1.20pm.

SCDF was alerted to a car fire, resulting from a road traffic accident involving a car and a truck at BKE towards PIE before the Bukit Panjang exit.

Fire was extinguished by SCDF using 1 hosereeel.

2 persons, 1 male Chinese in his 20s and 1 female Chinese in her 20s sustained injuries and were conveyed to NUH in conscious states.

The male Chinese complained of left knee, left elbow pains, and chest pains.

The female Chinese complained of right elbow pain and sustained abrasions.
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a heroic deed indeed......... after looking at the pictures..1 thing come to my mind..why isnt the journalist helping at he just standing around taking photos all the time there?
(05-01-2014, 09:21 AM)toiletsiao Wrote: [ -> ]a heroic deed indeed......... after looking at the pictures..1 thing come to my mind..why isnt the journalist helping at he just standing around taking photos all the time there?

The access point do not allow two persons to pull the injured out.
Besides.. if the writer of the article and the journalist at the scene is the same "Rennie Whang". Then, a lady probably could not help much in this situation.
Monday, Jan 06, 2014

Rennie Whang

The New Paper

SINGAPORE - Twenty-five years ago, a crash near Lentor Avenue left his car in flames.

He opened his door to escape. But the front passenger door was stuck, trapping his wife inside.

No one came to their aid. Fortunately, he managed to pull out his wife in time.

Since that close shave, he vowed to himself that if he were to come across a similar situation, he would step in to help.

His chance came yesterday as he was driving on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) towards the Pan-Island Expressway at about 1.20pm.

The 53-year-old man, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, saw a car and a tipper truck colliding. Almost immediately, flames started shooting out of the car's bonnet.

Mr Lim, who is self-employed, said he stopped about 20m from the accident site. When he got out of his car, he saw that there was a couple inside the burning car.

He told The New Paper: "I shouted to the woman: 'Has anything happened? Can you wake up?' She opened her eyes, but didn't say anything."

He rushed over and managed to pull her out through her window, which had been broken by the tipper truck driver.

He carried her to safety.

Broke windows

The truck driver, who wanted to be known as Mr Yang, 40, said he had got out after the accident to help the people in the car.

When he found that the front doors were jammed, he used a hammer from his truck to smash the front windows.

"I saw there were people inside, so I had to save them," said Mr Yang, who is from Shandong province in China. He has worked here for six years.

He said he was transporting soil to Pasir Panjang when he suspected that one of his tyres had a puncture.

He stopped at the side of the expressway to check and the next thing he knew was that a car had slammed into his truck, he said.

Both Mr Lim and Mr Yang said they were worried that the fire would engulf the car before they could rescue the trapped driver.

"I feared for him. The seat belt appeared stuck and he was unconscious," said Mr Yang.

But rescuing the driver was not easy.

Mr Yang and Mr Lim realised that there was not enough space on the driver's side between the car and the truck to pull him out.

And they could not reach him from the front passenger window.

TNP photojournalist Jonathan Choo, who had stopped after he saw the accident, suggested that they try to reach the driver from the left rear passenger door, which could be opened.

Mr Lim and Mr Yang then crawled into the car from the rear. Supporting the driver under his arms, they pulled him out and carried him to safety.


Barely three minutes later, there was an explosion and the entire car was engulfed in flames, Mr Lim said.

The two men said they stayed with the couple until the police arrived. A woman motorist who stopped to comfort the female victim also remained behind.

In the aftermath, both men said they had not thought about their own safety when they rescued the driver from the burning car.

Mr Yang, whose face appeared sooty and his shirt ash-stained, said: "I just knew there were people inside. As long as they are safe, all is well."

Mr Lim, whose hair was slightly singed by the flames, said he felt great satisfaction in helping to save the victims.

"(The 1988 accident) has always been on my mind and I immediately thought of it when I saw the accident. I would help no matter what happens," he said.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said a fire engine, a Red Rhino vehicle, two fire bikes and an ambulance were deployed to the scene.

The fire was extinguished with one hose in 10 minutes and the car's occupants, who are believed to be in their 20s, were taken conscious to the National University Hospital.

They did not sustain any burns, but had abrasions and knee and elbow pains from the impact of the accident, the SCDF spokesman said.

Rescue over in less than three minutes

He was on the way to drop his wife and sister-in-law at a hotel when he saw smoke at a distance on the Bukit Timah Expressway.

When The New Paper's senior executive photojournalist, Mr Jonathan Choo, 56, got nearer, he saw a man in white running around a car that was on fire. The man turned out to be Mr Lim, who was trying to save the driver in the burning car.

Mr Choo stopped to take pictures of the accident and to see how he could help. He saw a woman sitting on the road shoulder. She was the passenger that Mr Lim had rescued moments earlier. When Mr Lim ran to the other side of the car, Mr Choo realised that the driver was still inside.

He noticed that Mr Lim and Mr Yang, the tipper truck driver who was at the scene, were having problems trying to get the driver out as there was not enough space between the truck and the car.

The driver, who was unconscious, could only be taken out halfway. So Mr Choo suggested that Mr Lim enter from the left rear passenger door and slide the driver out diagonally. It worked.

Less than a minute had passed since Mr Choo reached the scene.

Soon after that, someone mentioned the car might explode.

Mr Lim carried the driver about 5m further away from the car.

A woman motorist who was comforting the passenger was unable to move her, so Mr Choo stepped in to carry her.

The victim was in shock and could not walk, he said. Less than a minute later, the car exploded in flames.

"If the driver had not been saved in time, he would have died," said Mr Choo.
For the flamed destroyed car like that..wonder if they lost the whole value of the car like that or can claim from the insurer?