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Full Version: 北航, 上海交大, 华南理工大学
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These are three university that I had a chance to be a part time teacher.

At that time (1994-95), I'm quite famous in the 3 letters MNC company because all new recruits specialising in AIX will need to go thru two weeks intensive course conducted by me. (Japanese, Korea and Chinese are very aggressive... they usually stay overnight in the lab to make sure they complete the exam/test in flying color).

Anyway, I got 2 months assignment in China to teach a particular subject to both uni students and also channel partners.

It started with Beijing 3 weeks, then I return back to Singapore and then fly back again for Shanghai and GuanZhou... teaching in the uni.

A small hiccup by the China secretary that cause me to be retained at the China airport/immigration.
When I was in China, I ask the Chinese secretary to apply for a re-entry visa so that I can come back after spending my weekend in Singapore.
However, instead of applying for multiple entry pass, my secretary apply for a extension visa aka 3 months visa.

So, I do not have a valid visa to come into China and was stuck at the airport. The immigration officer took my business invitation letter and make some phone calls.
The SQ flight that send me was grounded too.
This is because if I'm not allow to enter into China, then the same SQ flight will need to bring me back to Singapore.
I'm not too concern as worst case scenario is I got to go home.
Big Grin

After about 4 hours, the immigration officer signal and allow me entry.
I asked him and he says the university had confirmed and guarantee for me.

ok... good. a small episode.
BTW, if you ask me what the IO was doing when they are off duty?
The answer is simply... play solitaire (the one come with window OS).
All of them were playing this game.

[Image: W020100512413530509237.jpg]
北航: picture from
Thanks for sharing chialc88.
stocker, my pleasure...
BTW, I am actually chialc...
chialc88 is my clone.

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
(14-12-2013, 02:17 PM)chialc88 Wrote: [ -> ]stocker, my pleasure...
BTW, I am actually chialc...
chialc88 is my clone.

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.

I lived in Shanghai from 1993 to 1997 ,no tall buildings in Pudong, but now there are every where.
wow! pioneer!

Beijing's people is very warm.
One of the students volunteer to bring me around.
He booked a car, get a driver and in charge of makan and itinerary for a weekend... I just need to pay $$$.

We went to Greatwall, Ming Tomb etc.

It was a really an eye opener.

Similarly, GuanZhou's professors are even warmer.
They brought me to many parks.

There is something that I regrets.
At that time, I was shy and also too calculatives.

The professors asked me to stay in the uni's hostel.
They says that although the facilities does not match outside hotel but they will make sure that I stay comfortably there.
The hostel is for visiting professor and they will be able to stay with me all evening/nights.

On hinge sight, I should took up the offer and I dare says that it will be something unique (as compare to say in a non-character international hotel).

Outside my hotel in GZ, there was a small eatery.
It's selling only one dish... steaming hot dumpling...
Big Grin

I'm like a mountain turtle.
I go inside and ask for a bowl of dumpling.
"How many liang do you want?", the stall owner asked? 要几两?
"One liang has how many?", I asked. 一两几个?
"3 - 4".
"ha ha, I'll take 3 liang." 来三两吧!


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picture google from

Now, I'm just a full time property agent.
So do u know janet ang personally? How is her character?
ai yo.... not janet but the oldman in shareinvestor Dr Michael Leong lar.

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.