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Full Version: Orchard Road now 2nd worst-hit dengue zone after Bedok
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the island's most prime sought after district for property investment.
after the flooding came the rats followed by the mozzies..what could be thee root cause?

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 YourHealth, AsiaOneSINGAPORE - Eighty-six cases of dengue have been reported in the Orchard Road area, making the "Red" zone the worst-hit area in Singapore after a Bedok area.According the latest dengue cluster numbers provided by the National Environmental Agency (NEA), 155 cases have been reported in the Bedok area - which includes blocks along Bedok North Rd, Bedok Reservoir Rd and Bedok Reservoir Cres.A dengue cluster is formed when two or more dengue cases occur within 14 days and the homes of the dengue victims are within the distance of 150m. Advertisement The colour coded "Alert Levels" indicate the severity of a dengue cluster.Areas declared "Red" zones are those labelled high-risk areas with 10 or more cases of dengue. "Yellow" zones mean high-risk areas with less than 10 cases and "Green" zones mean areas with no new cases, and are under surveillance for the next 21 days.In the latest list of dengue clusters around Singapore, 68 areas were declared dengue clusters, with 11 areas labelled as "Red" zones.Since the start of the year, there have been 19,859 cases of dengue across the island.More details on the latest dengue situation can be found at - See more at:
For most part of my adult life I have not witness blackout, flood or watershortage, unlike my childhood.

I don't buy the argument that the barrage has nothing to do with it as the timing is too uncanny, despite all the scholars' mathematical modelling. Like some economists/ strategists trying to explain why after the fact but can't tell us the root nor forecast.