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Full Version: Thai paratrooper plummets to his death after chute gets caught on plane
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Saturday, Nov 09, 2013

A Thai paratrooper tragically plummeted to his death after his parachute got caught on the plane he jumped out of.

The video, which went viral recently, shows the sequence of events which unfolded before the fatal fall.

The paratroopers jump of the plane in sequence as part of a training exercise.

One of them gets his parachute caught on the plane, leaving him hanging in midair as the plane continues soaring through the air.

After a few minutes, his chute rips free of the plane. However, the parachute is damaged at this point, and the paratrooper plummets to his apparent death as the camera continues rolling.
So Sad. Feel so sorry for him. How can that happen.
15 years ago, during air show, one of our commandos fell to his death at Changi due to his faulty parachute .
1. There are two batches in this exercise.
2. First batch is the senior jumper seated near the door. (just turn on your imagination when you look at their hair and body contour)
3. C130 is high above ground when the bell rings... first jumper jump with his backside out...follow by second one facing out and the rest follow.
4. After the last jumper is out, you notice that the parachutes starts to open up. The senior batch pull open their parachute manually.

C130 is now flying at a much lower altitude for the junior batch. Immediately, you recognized their youth and also a blank look at their face.
1. At the right height, the bell rings again.
2. The first jumper heart beat race at its peak but he is frozen. Waiting for his command to jump (unlike the previous batch where the first jumper jump out who is the leader).
3. He hug himself and leap forward swiftly with the go-ahead...
4. As he free-fall for a few second, he was pull back by his parachute wide open.
5. He only needs to focus on his landing drill.

Our jumper does not notice anything wrong.
He only sense that something is wrong when he still hear the engine sound so clearly even he was tug by his parachute.
The engine sound is so loud!

He also hear people shouting voices. why?

He look up and saw the open door of the plane.

Something is not correct.

The wind is blowing so strong that cause his helmet to come out.

Panicking, he use both his hand to hold on to his helmet as if it's his lifeline.

The wind is getting stronger and he away from left to right.

His commander continue to shot at him and he managed to strip his helmet into place.

With one hand on his helmet, he use left hand to gesture back.

He know the drill, he will have to execute plan B by himself.

He embrace himself.

The plane had climb up to a high attitude.

His robe which suppose to open up his parachute automatically let go of him finally...


We are all human being.
We survived because we continue to breath.
So long as we continue to breath in and breath out...we survive.

If we know that our moment has come, then we will definitely do the right things now.

Why waste our time to do those un-necessary stuff?

Go and love and have compassionate on everyone everything (including yourself)

Make our life matters.


A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
chialc88 u r rite..after seeing this video yesterday
I felt life is so vulnerable and full of risk.
suddenly dun feel like taking plane anymore or stay in a high floor flat or condo.
my dear friend,
no need lar...
relax... just keep your mind clear by breathing in and breathing out... don't stop... keep breathing and you will be fine.

Year end coming... do something special from this year onward...


A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
no spare chute? all air-bone carries 2 chutes, main chute on back, secondary chute between the legs.. :O

They got more than 10 mins to, lower down a rope and pull him up... dunno why they didn't do it?