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Full Version: Request to remove the function of auto combining replies in one post
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of multiple posts?

1. It makes the post unusually long especially, when they are many levels of quotes.

2. When the moderator modifies a post which combine with later post, it might delete the later reply. It just happened to one of my post. I spent a lot of time writing the reply, now it is gone because the moderator is modifying my post the same I am writing it.

Hi Freedom,

I read and re-read, but still do not understand what you mean. Can you post the examples ? Thanks.

this is the first reply.

this is second reply.

if before I submit my second reply, you try to edit my first reply.

after I submit my second reply, you submit your edit of my first reply.

the result is the content of the post is your modified version of my first reply and my second reply is gone.
The request is to remove the feature of combining multiple replies into a post. This will happen when a user makes multiple replies within a time frame.

An incident happened when I was moderating his post, while he was doing further replying. It seemed there was a racing condition, which my moderation overwritten his.

Hope it is clear.
yes, racing condition.... i second the request too.
Ok, I undestand now. It seems difficult, but I'll try.
Thanks cyclone.

Please check this page
The feature has been implemented. Thanks to freedom for the link.
This post is to test whether the feature is working properly.
Thanks cyclone for still working so late.
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