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Full Version: Access Issue
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(28-04-2014, 11:21 PM)mkmk Wrote: [ -> ]Saved the screenshot for ipconfig. Do I need to photoshop anything sensitive away, or just post it all?

Instead of posting the info publicly, you might consider via PM within selected buddies during the troubleshooting period. May be an update post, once the issue is resolved, or remain open.
Update: I surfed VB without any issues on both my PC and handphone last night. Will test again tonight at home, hopefully it'll be fully resolved & I can contribute back to the site! Smile
try to narrow down the problem.

for testing internet to see if there is a problem. from your command prompt

try nslookup

example when I nslookup I get


that means internet is working because it can go to internet to do an address lookup, if you get a failure or error here means your router is not connected to internet.

if you can nslookup on command line but still cannot browse to highly likely the problem is in your web browser.

Clear old internet cache
disable doing thru proxies

and try again
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