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Full Version: 2000th Member
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VB has its 2000th member today.

The forum started 18-Sept-2010. The forum's 1000th member signed-up at 03-Aug-2012, about 2 years i.e. 23 months.

We have our 2000th member today, 13-Oct-2013, about 14 months from our 1000th mark.

Let's wish our 3000th mark will happen sooner. Big Grin
We've hit another milestone! Thanks Cityfarmer for pointing it out. Thanks to all the old birds in the forum who contribute regularly and generously and thanks to the new ones for respecting the spirit of the forum while also contributing questions, articles and comments. Honestly, the forum would just be a blank space without the members.

Now, I think Cityfarmer, Cyclone and myself have to think of how we can improve the forum. To keep 2000 people (of course not all are active) satisfied is not an easy task!
Super congrats and thanks for being the unsung heroes behind the forum.

As a newbie, I went from forum to forum looking for investing ideas and sharings.
Finally found Valuebuddies as my 'spiritual' home.
Thanks to all the generous buddies for their knowledge shared.

Look forward to welcoming the next thousandth member.
Yay! Hooray!

Congrats! Congrats! Big Grin
Congrats! Big Grin

Are we ipo-ing VB soon?! Tongue
On this occasion, I'd like to thank all forummers whom I can not name one by one for their contribution.
Congrats to VB and thank you all forumers for the knowledge sharing in this forum!