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Full Version: Chong Qin 重庆
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JiuZhaiGou is like a fairy land.
Have you read these posts?

Travelling in china at October or any of the 黄金周, must be very careful.

For example, last year, since 4am in the morning, the expressway from Chengdu to JuiZhaiGou already full of traffics. So many people stucked on the expressway!!!

P.S. I heard an old lady who was in a tour group to JuiZhaiGou in October... scolding and cru**ing about... never again! What a different experience.

[Image: entrance-to-jiuzhaigou.jpg]

天天快乐. Blush
A lot of time, we are pursuiting something that we wanted very much.
However, we ignore the best things that's right in front of us.

A very simple story from ErMeiShan to ChengDu by bus:


I bid farewell to all my tour-mate.... I almost cried.... I'm touched.

Back to my sense, I look out for the restaurant owner a plum lady who suppose to lead me to my bus to Chengdu.

She was watching me... from a distance...

She smiled and did not say anything.
She just signal me to be seated.

I left my luggage on the roadside and go back inside... anticipating a swift exit...a short wait.

Few minutes later, she was outside, standing besides a small white van.

Wow, it's empty (other than a young man who is the driver).
Good, good.

I asked her how much and she just wave her hand and said "later, later" and wave bye-bye to me.

Our van speed for 5 minutes and stopped at another restaurant.

Another plum lady approached me and asked me to come out of the van.
This time round she asked for RMB 40 to be paid.

Once I hand over my money, a large coach/bus stopped on my side.
super efficient! I thought.

As usual, I load up my own luggage (quite standard practice in China I think).

The lady lead me up the bus.
Incredible, the bus is fully loaded.
I'm not exaggerating, even the floor is fully occupied.

No wonder the lady is leading the way.

She walk in front of me, squeezing thru vegetables, fruits and ducks too.

All the way in to the rear of the bus.

Sure enough, despite full house, the last row - center seat is empty!
Obviously, it's reserved for me.
Super efficiency - I exclaimed in my heart!

[Image: duck3.jpg]
天天快乐. Rolleyes

Such a happy occasion, go out and take a look at the beautiful surroundings.

Wish all a fun and fruitful journey in

Enjoy a moon cake hotpot?

[Image: 640?wx_fmt=jpeg&_ot=1532131200299]
[Image: uc?id=1jCyKytMOcZ4hdiIGdZ5LxzS9CcgOBeTO]

How does the US/China trade war affect the raw material cost of MM?
The increase in US$, how does it impact MM?
Increase in interest rate?

Another super jam pack week in China, celebrating National Day.

Hope you enjoy the excellent company of 


Have a nice weekend.
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