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Full Version: JStock Android (Stock market app) is now ready for download
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Hi all,

We just release first version of JStock Android. A stock market software which makes your stock investment fun and easy. This is the only software, which can integrate seamless with Windows, Linux, OSX's JStock.

JStock on Windows, Linux and OSX is free and open source. You can get an absolutely free copy from

JStock on Android itself is freemium. You are free to try out selected feature. You may then later decide to upgrade it, if you are happy with the app. You may give it a try from

Both Android and Desktop app can share their data seamless through cloud storage.

Feel free to give it a try. We would like to hear your feedback. Thank you and have a nice day.

Here are some screenshots regarding JStock Android.

[Image: GQiajD4xpxySe8m9o9E5u1w-epWxiB9a9qf_5RQe...I4=h900-rw]
[Image: HlGJwLfPFVrAiq-KHfQ_5TXbjScAPzA_PEFvQwHp...sG=h900-rw] [Image: a7JvbMWOH4P90YMAw8AXsc5O6TMtB_K1KOEk0_sE...6c=h900-rw] [Image: mHnfzTtCPnh1IxzKEMrejP9K9sVTFSJKYgSZSBMp...6N=h900-rw] [Image: KTz2CEaSZiVVVNDCYE5GU_pl27eF__KlCxHZREVY...yM=h900-rw] [Image: AOK1eXoIQ3ekSTTLTecqlXwuZdxQS9GK4m7t7kJs...Y4=h900-rw]
[Image: _QHIlkFq7uWWsnOIYllTbyIKpKl9E53r0D5qiIEe...Dc=h900-rw]
[Image: lOdavw4BM8-qvM-0F9IN1ryaRQwVRi3pzdSWHA_w...ts=h900-rw]
Hi, where do you retrieve your stock data from? Yahoo Finance or Google Finance?

And the depth of markets being covered?


The data are being retrieved from Yahoo! Finance and there are 15 mins delay on the data. This tool is not designed for intra-day traders, which requires highly accurate real-time data.

This tool is more suitable for regular investors, and long term investors, who do not emphasize on short-term pricing movement. They are more concern in managing their stock portfolio in a very effective way. Short-term pricing movement doesn't matter much for them, as they usually decide to hold the stocks for several months, or up to several years.

If you do invest in multiple countries stock market, this tool will be handy too. As it comes with currency conversion feature, where it can display your foreign stock holding in SGD. It going to answer one very important question : How rich am I? Smile
It looks amazing on the screen shot, will give it a goSmile
(20-06-2013, 01:00 PM)Wildreamz Wrote: [ -> ]It looks amazing on the screen shot, will give it a goSmile

Thank you.

Although the software is still in infant stage, it is stable & good enough for daily used. We are still pushing hard to make many more exciting features available in coming months. To know our current on-going development plan, kindly take a look on

If you have any good idea and feature request, feel free to submit from there too.
Tried it out - great job. It's really good with the user interface and all that.

One concern which always bug me is Yahoo or Google tends to report SGX counter price at 2 decimal points. But I guess that is nothing you can do. That's why I always stick to the broker apps.
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The thread will be moved.
We just released another new feature : Beautiful dividend chart. Feel free to try it out at

[Image: njEM2U8.png]
Hi all, we had created a promotion video too. Kindly take a look

Hi all, today is Malaysia day. Hence, we will provide 1 day 50% discount for JStock Android's premium upgrade. Original price is $4.99. Today we sell it for $2.50 Smile
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