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Full Version: PSI is how many ah?
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(20-06-2013, 10:24 PM)Greenrookie Wrote: [ -> ]
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(20-06-2013, 09:15 PM)Jacmar Wrote: [ -> ]I am scratching my head as to what the PSI reading got to do with value investing. the last I checked my portfolio, none of them are PSI sensitive counters!

admin: pls move this thread to CNA forum.
Any masks maker related companies listed in SGX or Malaysia? If PSI worsen, airlines might get affected.

Medtecs: face mask producers (they seem to produce normal surgical face mask, not exactly the respirator types needed to filter off the particles)

Commodities companies like First Resources, Golden Agri with Indon exposure

My LMIR, all Mall assets in Indonesia... Don't know whether it's now deserted or fully packed (with people hiding there from the haze + enjoying free aircon)... Big Grin

[Image: rghz.gif]
[Image: property_overview10.jpg]

We (Malaysia included) are the ones affected, the malls of LMIR totally not affected. Sad


Our malls are actually rather packed during office hours last few days. Not sure if it's due to school hols or people (those not working) taking refuge from the haze..
The last time the PSI hit a record was in Sept 1997, around the time of the Thai baht's "tom yam" effect spilling over to problems for the Indonesian rupiah and subsequently the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997/98.

And now in 2013, we have a series of new PSI records (much higher than the old record), with the Indonesian rupiah getting the "penyet" effect. Is this a bad omen for things to come? Confused

Could it be that when the Indonesian rupiah runs into problems, the plantation owners and farmers become more desperate and slash and burn more aggressively to make up shortfalls in profits? As in 1997 and now...

[Image: haze-in-sg-infographic-data.jpg]
On the Bright side, all the mosquitoes should die and less dengue...
The PSI impact on various businesses...

Haze taking its toll on businesses

SINGAPORE — Businesses are starting to count the cost of the worsening haze situation and some of those with extensive outdoor operations are seeing significant impact as they take measures to protect their employees.

Pest Busters, whose workers carry out pest control measures both indoors and outdoors, has been losing S$20,000 to S$25,000 of income a day, said CEO Thomas Fernandez.

“We’ve had to look at the health of our staff this week and as a result we’ve been scaling down our outside jobs,” he said, adding that the firm expects to lose a similar amount every day if the current conditions persist.

Steel construction company PJI Contract is facing a similar challenge, and Managing Director Philip Loh said his staff have been working hard to mitigate the potential financial impact: “We’re trying to minimise outdoor activities and have rescheduled our projects to give priority to indoor work.”

He added that, so far, there has not been a major impact on revenue. “It’s more of a health and safety issue. The dollar signs won’t kick in unless the haze continues to be a major problem.
seeding rain clouds in sg may bring relief for a while but for how long? I see the haze is so huge reaching nearly malacca, we are in the driest months of the year rain here a bit but burning continues there so I think this is going to last for a while. The brighter side to all this is that dry and hot season should bring a bumper crop for durians and the season is already upon us. Big Grin

thinking all the outdoor F&B like hawker are all affected because nobody wants to eat outside in the haze all want to go takecover indoors like foodcourts or restaurants, well time to go out eat some durians haze or no haze Tongue
Indonesia blames eight firms for fires affecting region

Can some pls enlighten me how Sinar Mas and Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL) are considered Singapore companies?

Quote:Sinar Mas Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. It was formed in 1962. It has many subsidiaries including Asia Pulp & Paper and palm oil producer PT SMART.

Sinar Mas Group was founded by a Chinese Indonesian tycoon, Eka Tjipta Widjaja. Its main businesses are: Pulp and Paper, Agribusiness, Property and Financial Services
S O U R C E: Wikipedia

Quote:Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited, or APRIL, is a developer of fibre plantations and the owner of one of the world's largest pulp and paper mills. Its headquarters are in Singapore and its operations in Indonesia and China.

APRIL mainly produces bleached hardwood kraft pulp and uncoated, wood-free paper, including its PAPERONE brand of office paper.

APRIL is part of the Indonesian Raja Garuda Mas Group and owned by Indonesian business man Sukanto Tanoto living in Singapore.
[S O U R C E]: Wikipedia
Bought N95 3M brand mask from Mustafa this morning.

wtf..1box(20pcs) @$48.00...mustafa knife very the sharp
(22-06-2013, 11:29 AM)kbl Wrote: [ -> ]Bought N95 3M brand mask from Mustafa this morning.

wtf..1box(20pcs) @$48.00...mustafa knife very the sharp

I heard Unity (NTUC) selling @ $2.50 per piece...
(22-06-2013, 12:00 PM)KopiKat Wrote: [ -> ]
(22-06-2013, 11:29 AM)kbl Wrote: [ -> ]Bought N95 3M brand mask from Mustafa this morning.

wtf..1box(20pcs) @$48.00...mustafa knife very the sharp

I heard Unity (NTUC) selling @ $2.50 per piece...

Good afternoon KopiKat san.

selling @$2.50 per pc but all sold out.
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