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Full Version: Jiahua Stores Holdings (0602)
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Emporium chain in China. At current price of 0.39 , it has a P/E of 4.4 a P/BV of 0.66 and a dividend yield of 9%. Same dividend for two years in a row.
How did U obtain the pb ratio?
You can check also on HKEX (please note that market cap is in HKD while NAV si in RMB)
from a yield perspective after calculating exchange rate, what would the net yield be compared to S Reit ?
The current yield is for sure higher than all S-REITs , but of course is more subject to change as depending on the profit of the firm rather than the rental income of a REIT. This both for going up or going down.
Counter is up to 0.405 today (it also paid a 0.282 RMB dividend since first post), I think we can expect good half year results Smile
expectations deluded , counter is back to 0.36 . Results however aren't bad , EPS 2.29 RMB same as previous year , and at this price P/E is about 4 and div yield is almost 10%