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Full Version: 55,000 iPads snapped up in 3 months
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Anyone used an iPad before? I wonder what's the draw? Huh

Nov 19, 2010
55,000 iPads snapped up in 3 months

[i]But cheaper, feature-rich tablets will give Apple a run for its money[/i
By Irene Tham

PEOPLE in Singapore snapped up more than 55,000 units of the Apple iPad in three months after the touch-screen tablet's July launch here.

For those who are still holding out for lower prices, the wait may be over soon.

A price war is imminent as Apple's rivals introduce their cheaper and more feature-rich alternatives to the iPad.

Launched this month: Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Toshiba's AS100.

Next month, Dell will introduce its Streak touch-screen tablet and Creative Technology its Ziio - touted as the cheapest touch-screen tablet at $359 for the basic model.

Sensing that the competition is heating up, Apple has begun discussions with at least one telco here to sell its iPad discounted and bundled with a data plan, The Straits Times earlier reported.

Currently, buyers can get the iPad only at Apple retailers. Those who want to surf on the go with the device need to buy a data plan separately from the telcos.

Ms Shirleen Kok, general manager of market research firm GfK Singapore, said that with the new models, consumers 'can be sure of more competitive pricing'.

Already, the telco subsidy for the Galaxy Tab, powered by rival operating platform Android, has worked its magic.

SingTel said that more than 500 units of the Galaxy Tab were sold during the launch at the weekend.

Consumers can get the tablet from its exclusive distributor SingTel at a discounted price - ranging from zero dollars to $538 - when they buy a data plan.

Comparatively, the most basic iPad model with no 3G function is pricier at more than $700.

Price aside, the Galaxy Tab is slightly smaller than the iPad and sports a camera feature, expandable memory space through an SD card slot and the ability to make calls.

Ms Sandy Ng, 42, a human resource executive, said she is drawn to the Galaxy Tab's telephony and camera features, both of which are absent in the iPad.

The self-professed Apple gadget buff already owns several iPhone models and the iPad, but she bought a Galaxy Tab anyway. Now, she uses it as her primary mobile phone.

'My iPad is like a white elephant now,' she said.

All eyes will be on Creative Technology when it launches the cheapest touch-screen tablet here.

The Ziio's 7-inch basic model will be selling for $359 next month. The higher-end model - with a 10-inch screen and 16GB capacity - will go for $459. This is about half the price of an iPad with similar specifications.

Dell has not disclosed its price for Streak.

At 55,000 units in three months, the take-up rate for the iPad is the same as that for the iPhone - specifically Apple's third-generation iPhone 3GS launched here in July last year, said GfK.

The market research firm expects the sale of touch-screen tablets to outpace that of notebooks - at more than 30,000 units every month - as more players enter the market.

GfK's Ms Kok said the iPad's popularity hinges on the success of the iPhone and Apple's mobile applications, or apps.

'Many iPad buyers are already using the iPhone and its apps,' she said.

Globally, Apple's App Store has more than 250,000 apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Many iPad buyers are drawn to the abundance of education and entertainment apps for their children, said Ms Kok, citing feedback from retailers.

Versatility is another attraction of the iPad. 'Its users cut across a wide spectrum, from senior executives to young children,' said Mr Jimmy Fong, the chief executive of Apple retailer EpiCentre.

He said: 'Senior executives use it to take notes during meetings or write e-mails as the screen is big enough. Even pastors use it to deliver their sermons.'

Me using ipad...
It is more of a complement to PC and laptop la...

Main function is a ebook reader or pdf book reader..

The rest of the apps and games are just something good to have la..

But it is a good mobile device...
I hear the clone pads are coming, since google released android as "opensource" ie free software manufacturers are opting to use google android for free on their clone pads than to be tied down pay for proprietary license of mac os x

google's android operating system has more than 100,000 apps running on it but I think there will always be die hard fans of apple mac.

For me I reason that since these devices unlikely to hold "my span of interest" longer than 1-2 years so why pay more? So I will always go for the cheaper and who the heck really knows which is a better device anyway does anybody really go and measure and test android 100k apps against apple 100k apps?
Hmmm...... I have used an Iphone as well as a IPad , but seriously don't see a need to buy either these for my usage or needs.

It seems to be more a device for people who want new gadgets to their collection. Ipad also does not support flash, which seems to all over the web.

The thing I see people use Iphone & Ipad for is play games, basically it . Beyond that, the usual read mails etc.

Does someone really NEED a Ipad or Iphone? It it more a fad and status symbol?

My opinion is that it's a status symbol plus an object of desire for those who wish to be hip and trendy. No offense to those who own such items though, if you genuinely need one. But all too often I notice teenagers and young adults with Blackberrys and iPads when they obviously do not need it for work. A case of over-pampering from their indulgent parents? Huh
Yeah... Many youth using Blackberry and iPhone now...
Even primary school kids using iphone !!!

For me, I won't buy an ipad cos I always feel that it is pricey and I can get a good laptop with gaming specs with similar price..
Thus I bought a new laptop this year !!

As for the ipad, well, i got it free from my company
Hee hee
Why I bought an iPad? Cos I like to read annual reports on my bed and having a laptop is more cumbersome. Much lighter and battery last much longer than a laptop. It takes only 10 seconds to bootup and connect to Internet. And I'm typing this using my iPad