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Full Version: Chinese zodiac report: Most of Singapore's wealthiest born in Year of Rooster
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Wealth-X, the ultra high net worth (UHNW) business development solution for global private banks, luxury brands, educational institutions and non-profits, has released its Chinese zodiac special report on global UHNW individuals.

Based on findings from the report, the zodiac sign of the Rabbit has the largest UHNW population globally and in most regions except for the US.

% of total UHNWIs

According to a Shin Min report, the survey was conducted in 2012 and only included those whose wealth is more than $30 million; that amounted to 187,380 people.

The Shin Min report also stated who were the dominant wealthy zodiac signs in each country:

South Korea

UHNWIs in the zodiac sign of the Goat have the highest average net worth at US$157.9 million (S$195 million) while those under the zodiac sign of the Dog have the lowest average net worth at US$104.6 million.

Contrary to traditional beliefs, UHNWIs in the zodiac sign of the Rabbit are the most decadent in terms of luxury spend and those in the zodiac sign of the Pig are the most conservative in their spending on luxury.

The Shin Min report also pointed out that those born in the year of the Rabbit earned alot and spent alot as well.

UHNWIs in the zodiac sign of the Monkey are most likely to be billionaires while the UHNWIs in the zodiac sign of the Dog are least likely to be billionaires.

Commenting on the report, Wealth-X CEO, Mykolas D. Rambus noted, "Our analysis clearly debunks popular beliefs that see the Dragon as the most prosperous zodiac sign."

"No particular zodiac sign offers a significant financial advantage over another nor acts as a predictive symbol of the propensity for wealth. However, this report does point to trends associated with certain zodiac signs, such as education and luxury spend, which could well prove useful to business development professionals," he added.
Sometime all these are fun to look at but sorry really I find is all nonsense.

Who wealthy, who poor, who have to work for life is all about who dare to take big risk

So many people study for degree in finance but not even 1% of that number have become wealthy tycoons from getting that degree think about that for a minute. Big Grin

Instead they probably earn a good living working for tycoon that you see today almost all of whom swam down from china in the old days and when they started out in the beginning were all illiterate.

what do illiterate know? You think they know how to calculate fancy financial ratios do dcf or fcf? A lot of them took big risk built up their fortune from speculation Big Grin

That's the thing, a graduate will think gambling is bad can harm a lot of people but big businessmen will think big risk but big reward also.
[Image: MW-AX960_snake__20130108170915_MD.jpg?uu...2128040cf6]

Beware! Be Warned! Be Whatever You Want To Believe! Be Responsible For your Own Interpretations! Not ME O. K.

Enjoy the Extract if you can:-

{ First impressions suggest the zodiac sign of a creature so often associated with evil and known for its venomous bite is hardly propitious.

Adding to local unease, at a widely watched Taoist annual fortune-telling ceremony in Hong Kong this week, one of the unluckiest possible omens was drawn. The omen reminded Hongkongers to “beware wicked people,” and that “nothing is going well.”

Such superstitious noise should be screened-out by professional money managers, of course. But for those already feeling uneasy about the year ahead, previous Snake years do not hold much comfort.

In 2001, markets reeled after the Sept. 11 Twin Towers World attack, while 12 years earlier in 1989, Hong Kong suffered a rout after the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing. The Hang Seng Index HK:HSI -0.23% ended both Snake years as losers.

Incidents of misfortune in Snake years can also be found in 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbor and in 1929 with the Wall Street crash.

This cautionary precedent suggests it’s worth reviewing what might bite China investors in the Year of the Snake.

First, there is potential for black-swan-like, geopolitical events. On cue, Kim Jong Un reminded everyone of the threat to the region from this renegade state by detonating his first atomic bomb as North Korea’s new leader during the Lunar New Year holidays.

This comes as time of growing tensions between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Some commentators worry this could yet escalate into a military conflict, as both governments show little interest in backing down.

In financial markets all seems benign, as various asset classes have once again been lifted by a tide of liquidity going into 2013. But the possible reversal of this cushion of money could yet bite investors. }

i had been woken up by a strange dream early morning in my sleep, yesterday. i dreamed about a Giraffe and a Snake. And coincidentally, the 1st news i read was, "you can guess it easily. Do i need to tell you?"
That's why i like to share with you this strange dream and coincidence that i had.
Please remember YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own belief or interpretations.
My religion does not allow practice of Superstitions. But interpretations of dreams, yes. Sometimes, we believe GOD is talking to us through our dreams.
(15-02-2013, 10:25 AM)Temperament Wrote: [ -> ]i had been woken up by a strange dream early morning in my sleep, yesterday. i dreamed about a Giraffe and a Snake.

I can understand the snake part but why the giraffe? whats the significance Tongue
i am not sure of the dream's significance or maybe just one of those strange dream one has with no meaning attached at all. i think i dreamed about an incident that is most unlikely or impossible to happen in real life.
Once in a while, i do have strange to very strange dream. Usually i dismiss it with a pinch of salt. To me, stranger than the strange dreams i had is when i don't even have any thoughts of it in the day. i really perplex in this sense; out of no where the dream comes.
O. K. i think it is more than enough of my sharing. Some of you may be laughing at my idiosyncrasy, already.
Full Stop!
sample size is quite big so i suppose even 0.1% difference is statistically significant.
(15-02-2013, 10:32 AM)sgd Wrote: [ -> ]
(15-02-2013, 10:25 AM)Temperament Wrote: [ -> ]i had been woken up by a strange dream early morning in my sleep, yesterday. i dreamed about a Giraffe and a Snake.

I can understand the snake part but why the giraffe? whats the significance Tongue


The ability to see different perspectives, to see things differently than others, or to see both sides of an issue. The ability to easily reach beyond what others can see or do. Dreaming of this animal can represent:

Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way

Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this

Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)

For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.

Read more at: Copyright 2012 The Curious Dreamer
giraffe has long nect - isasign of reaching out to prosperity...congrats