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Hi, anyone looking at this stock?
Current price is $0.096
NAV is $0.15

It had increase from $0.088 to $0.096 for last week alone.
It close at $0.103 yesterday. Understand that they have a policy that they want to reduce their debt. Not sure if this is one of the reason for uptrend.
I think Innovalues pales by a big margin when compared with the much more profitable and financially rock-solid Spindex - itself also grossly under-priced by Mr Market against its latest NAV/share.

There is already a thread on Spindex in this forum.
Results are out!
results are very good, why did it dropped so much today!!??Huh
[Image: ky1rlwJ.png]
Both revenue and operating profit is much lower than last two quarters.

But the managers did progressly reduce the debt a lot.

1Q14 result is good. Revenue is up by 7% and GP up by 37% yoy. 1Q EPS 0.82, good growth both yoy and qoq. Management continually reduce debt. Now total debt is ~8.7m, which is already lower than Cash equivalent.

Automotive segment continues to show strong growth momentum. Current NAV is 18.36.
I am still holding on to this seems that the market has gave it some attention recently =)
It went up - again!
Innovalues breaks the 0.2 level with strong volume today. With the 2Q result coming up soon, it is expecting a pretty good results?

Just took a look at the global car sales in the first half of 2014, China recorded a 14.5% growth, US recorded 4.2%, and Euro 6.2%. The car market growth momentum in China is still strong in spite of worrying economy...

Further looked through the 2013 Annual report, the Auto motive segment contributes close to 80% of its revenue. While Geographically, China and US contributes more than 80%. With the strong car sales in China and US, Q2 result should be well expected. And with the strong Balance sheet, the interim dividend seems to be also expected with at least the same level as last year?
Directors buying at the same time via open market as 30 Jul announcement...

CEO Mr Goh bought 1.4m with a total transaction at S$289,974;
Mr Ong Tiak Beng bought 2m with a total transaction at S$419,380
Mr Pung Tong Seng bought 205K+95K shares with a total transaction at S$40,478+S$18,373

This is 1.2% of total outstandings shares. Exclude the shares holding in top 20 shareholders(as at 19 Mar 2014), this accounts to ~ 4% of the rest shares in the market!
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