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Full Version: Switzerland
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It was a happening year!!!

Planning to go to Switzerland?

Return S$700.

Read this from ->

Return for S$700 from swiss airline

Good morning, valuebuddies - still thinking of Swiss alps?  

[Image: switzerland-itinerary.jpg]

My first visit to Switzerland was Lake Lugano which is connected to Italy.  That was actually on my first oversea business trip with Mr Q.

Thanks to Mr Q who had budded my traveling journey.  

In that trip, we actually joined a German speaking tour (from the east).  At that time, Berlin wall had just torn down and those rich professionals from the East was eager to visit and learn about the western world. 

One thing for sure, they don't speak English - not even the tour guide.  Tongue

We started from Munich and into Zurich, Luzern, trained passed Matterhorn, Lugano. On second thought, I might be wrong, it could also be Lake Como of Italy - forgive me, both Lakes looks similar and I was too dazed to remember - besides - my tour guide don't speak English and I was on my first official business trip.

Thinking back - I was so blessed - Thank you Mr. Q for teaching me.