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It was a happening year!!!

Planning to go to Switzerland?

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Good morning, valuebuddies - still thinking of Swiss alps?  

[Image: switzerland-itinerary.jpg]

My first visit to Switzerland was Lake Lugano which is connected to Italy.  That was actually on my first oversea business trip with Mr Q.

Thanks to Mr Q who had budded my traveling journey.  

In that trip, we actually joined a German speaking tour (from the east).  At that time, Berlin wall had just torn down and those rich professionals from the East was eager to visit and learn about the western world. 

One thing for sure, they don't speak English - not even the tour guide.  Tongue

We started from Munich and into Zurich, Luzern, trained passed Matterhorn, Lugano. On second thought, I might be wrong, it could also be Lake Como of Italy - forgive me, both Lakes looks similar and I was too dazed to remember - besides - my tour guide don't speak English and I was on my first official business trip.

Thinking back - I was so blessed - Thank you Mr. Q for teaching me.


Going to Switzerland should be on everyone's bucket list.

Beautiful city, beautiful villages and beautiful mountain!

If you're already decided to go Switzerland, go ahead.  Any season is good. Any time you're available would be a good time.

If you'd not decided, then relax. I would recommend that you visit Switzerland as a day trip from a neighboring country or may be a few days in Switzerland with most of the days (in the same trip) in a neighboring country aka you visiting Germany and then pop-into Switzerland for a short tip.

Reason is simple, Switzerland is too expensive and being a valuebuddies, it does not make sense to do a full trip in Switzerland.  Tongue

Having says that, Switzerland is amazing and enjoy when you're there:

Largest waterfall in Europe - Rhine Fall

[Image: rheinfalls2.jpg]

On this trip, I was based in Germany and Rhinefall is a day trip for me.

I rented my Audi in Germany and so in order to drive into Switzerland (crossing country border), I need to buy a Motorway Vignette which is a road tax - like this:
[Image: zzzzz.jpg]

As I parked my car outside a small provision shop - right before the German-Swiss border, I noticed that my rental car windscreen already got some vignette.  Upon closer inspection, holy cow, not only one but two vignette for this year!

Well, save $$$ for at least a lunch.  I started my car engine and drive into Switzerland without paying for the road tax.  Tongue 

Rhine fall has 2 shores and both are worth a visit. 

For this driving trip, my first stop is at the Southern shore.  Pine trees and the attraction is actually a castle.  I spend about 2 hours walking and exploring the cooling atmosphere under the shade.  Playful.  I will leave it as an exercise for you to figure out what to do.   

Next, I drove the Northern shore and boy, here, I could really see and admire the largeness of Europe largest waterfall.  A very nice stroll along the river and more fun shorts.

[Image: IMG_8700-1024x768.jpg]

It's a nice drive and I do hope you could give it a try.


Lucerne is one of the most traditional European town.  Enjoy when you're in Switzerland. 

First of all, the walk around the Kapellbrucke Bridge (which light up at night) would be nice, especially after a hearty dinner.

[Image: GettyImages-160198232.jpg]

Next is a very famous monument:
[Image: 11807751-1038232622887719-7359860302780762931-o.jpg]

Lion Monument.
Basically, despite Swiss is well known for be neutral, it's army is very well sought after.  The story of Lion Monument has a very sad ending - the courage of a regiment of Swiss Guard protecting the french royal family - during the French revolution.

It's a very popular place. Look out if you're near by.

[Image: lucerne-switzerland-tower-prison.jpg]

Enjoy. Heart
@lake lugano

It was a bright sunny day when we reached Lake Lugano.  The air is crisp and the weather is cool, despite the sunshine which makes everything brilliant and everyone smiling from jaws to jaws.

[Image: Optimized-IMG_2663.jpg]

In front of the lake shore, was a small plot of garden.  Upon closer inspection, and I couldn't believed my eyes, were cactus.  Agree, the sand is suitable for growing cactus but I just couldn't imagine that Switzerland is a place where cactus thriving.  

Forgive me for being ignorance, it's one of my early overseas trip and there are a lot of new things to learn and ya... eye openers too.

Since we were joining the East German tour last minute, we did not stay in the same hotel with the East German. Instead we were dropped at a hotel right besides the lake shore. 

As the sun goes down and the lights turn up, we dine at a table next to the shore.  With a glass of beer, stretching beyond the lake, we watch the mountain at the opposite end of the lake, turn dark and then slowly litter with dotted warm lights (escaped from the people house).

For a million dollar, this is the place to be.  Heart