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Few people associate France with adventures... but I do.

BTW, check out air ticket to Paris... it looks reasonable to me.

Bon Voyage.
I am setting off to voyage in France in around 5days, and I am clearly setting off to Paris, Ile De France for the castle and Normandi for Mont-St-Michel. Where else do you propose in France??

Moreover, is there any particular spots or things to do that you prescribe in France??

Might you be able to give me certain illustrations of the calendar incorporating the spots, transportation and accommodation,,??

Much obliged to you for your consultation ahead of time!.
Como Tale vu, Abbigail,
Lucky you!

I'm not sure about calendars etc as I never pay special attentions.

However, if you're in Paris on 3rd Feb 2013 (first sunday of the month), just pop into Orsay Museum (free ticket). I am very sure that you will like it. Smile
Musee d'Orsay

Next, I noted that you're going to the north-eastern France. I wonder whether you're going for a military trip?

The famous D-Day celebration is in June and you can see a lot of alliance force (of course, they aged a lot) driving in Jeep etc. A huge and quite impressive event. But, sorry it's in JUNE.

Having says that Mt-St-Michael is quite unique and I enjoy it too. However, there is no need to go until the Normandi beach.

Going to Mt-St-Michael, likely you'll pass by a city called Rouen.
There is a cathedral called Notre Dame cathedral (on hindsight, every city in France has a cathedral and the name of the cathedral is always called???? Yup, no prize in guessing right: Notre Dame)
I like this Notre Dame because a famous artist called Monet had stayed and painted many many view/time of the cathedral. (which I saw in Orsay Musee too).

And, as I was on my return trip to Singapore after visited Normandi D-day, I conveniently stopped over at Monet's home which is in Giverny. (you see, instead of driving into Paris, I drive directly to airport and return the rental car there and fly back to SGP). Here, his famous painting of Lily pond you'll see and also if you're in the right season.... incredibly beautiful poppies field - red red and red.... (happy, happy)

I'm not sure how long you're visiting or how you intend to stay in which city for how long so can only reply based on what you'd wrote.

Let me know a bit more of your plan (driving? go with friend or family?) and we see how far we can go?

Bon Voyage.
Dune of Pyla,Chartres Cathedral and Mont Saint-Michel are the top tourists attractions in France.It is well known for it's rich heritage and picturesque sights,It's cuisine rank 6th in top food record .

Costa Rica horseback riding
Yesterday, I spoken to my soulmate.
He had returned from holiday in Europe.
He only visit big city and so using train as his major transport.


Looking forward to hear your travel experiences....


[Image: TGVtrain460.jpg]
Lots of news from French President recently...

Lots of fond memories gushing back to me...

Reminded myself to write some travel stories this weekend.

Heart Love Compassion

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
personally I like Loire Valley. The chateaux damn nice. Wish can own one there and stay there lol.
Quite close to Paris as well, so will not need to waste time going all the way to Normandy just to see Mont St Michel. But if you do, its nice too.
Not to be missed too is the Versailles.
Palace is nice and all, but the most attractive in my opinion is the Marie Antoinette's hamlet.
Attractive is very subjective...

I was happily browsing on those carts that selling vintage antique... pictures, photos etc and I take a closer look at River Siene below...


[Image: suntan-lotion_1682556i.jpg]

Heart Love Compassion
Make a guess: where is our Mona Lisa?
[Image: 1207851767_9af0160b22_b.jpg]

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
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