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There are many building that I had visited, east and western style.

One of the strangest one is in Spain.

The aerial view looks quite normal like this:
P.S. if it looks too big on your computer screen, then type CTRL minus a few times to reduce the size. To make it bigger, CTRL plus. Enjoy:

[Image: the_great_mosque_at_cordoba__spain1332964868772.png]

The interior is stunning:

[Image: original_B69779FAC0C18D91BDCB7CD9329A9D3A.jpg]

[Image: 2434951553350.JPG]

[Image: 14803461-mihrab-in-the-great-mosque-mezq...-in-co.jpg]
Acros has two characteristics:
1. The whole town is white
2. Orange trees are dotted on the road

The town is build on the slope of a hill.
Painted white with extremely narrow passage.
When a car drove by, you'll need to look for a door and climb up it's latch to prevent over-run by the car.

Enjoy Acros de la Fontera:

[Image: DSC01317.JPG]

Smile Luckily, there are plenty of door/latch to escape over-run by cars:
[Image: 1161.jpg]

[Image: area_arcos.jpg]

Smile Though I never try, I was told that the orange is bitter and was use to make marmalade jam for England.


and the back of Acros (which is facing a cliff).
When you are leaving Acros, driving toward the Andalusia.
You'll see this picture/view of Acros.
Looks very different from it's frontage.


[Image: Arcosblog.jpg]
swiss air has a promotion to spain at S$948 - including tax.

if you have some time, why not for for it?

good air, great food and super happy!

Heart Love Compassion

Sales till 19 May 2014.
Travel Period from 13 May 2014-31 March 2015
最好的东西,都是免费的!The best things in the world is free!

Summer had came and gone...

Hope you had a good summer holiday.

See this whenever you walk around in Spain:
Spain, Girona 

The above youtube begins in Barcelona. Sometime near 55sec, then Girona appears.  Towards the end, at about 6'16, backed to Barcelona again.


Good morning valuebuddies,
It's another cool morning and wish everyone a great day ahead.

Anyone planning for a Europe holiday?
Yes? did I hear a loud YES?

Well, my recommendation would be Spain at this moment in time.

Spain is one of the top 3 vaccinated country and with SQ VTL flight (SQ 378), direct flight from Barcelona, at a price of less than $1k, nothing should stop you from at least planing to go Spain.

Oh, yes, PCR test.
Well, this is not an excuse too.

Basically, from SG to Spain, there is only vaccine cert checks aka there is no PCR test requirement. What I am saying is, once you had your vaccine, fill up the Spain immigration declaration form (which contains declaration of vaccine status) and there you go. No pre-departure or arrival PCR test. You're free to go. Smile

From Spain to SG is another story thou - and that's where the PCR test and VTL flight come from.
Basically, SG imposed VTL flight requirement. So, 48 hours before your inbound flight, just go to any test lab and pay $35-45 Euro for ART test (note, don't need PCR which costed $100 Euro. but take note that if you go France, then pre-departure PCR is required by SG immigration). Arrived at Changi, then you'll need to go thru Arrival PCR test ($125). As far as quarantine rule is concern, nothing in Spain. In SG, taken your Arrival PCR test, grab or drive home and don't come out until the -ve result is SMS to you.

Further ART test would be Day 2, 4, 5 and 6 - self administer ART at home.  Day 3 and 7 - go to a ART test center and undergo supervised ART ($15 each).

Overall, it's a bit of trouble but take it from me that Spain entry/exit VTL would be the most desirable vs says France.


SQ direct flight to Spain would land in Barcelona.  So, your itinerary should include Barcelona and it's vicinity.  

Valuebuddies should be aware that Uncle Rick Steves is the go-to guide for European tour.  However, there is a exceptionally good town near Barcelona that Uncle Rick Steves missed:

[Image: girona-coworking.jpg]

Spain, Girona  赫罗纳省

Merry Christmas!

If you're planning to include Girona as part of your tour, then you must spend 1 night in the old town.  The best part of the Girona, to me, is actually a visit in day time, take all the photo you wanted and eat at La Fabrica:
[Image: grab-a-seat-on-the-terrace.jpg]

La Fabrica offers a good selection of Vegetarian and non-veg food too.  I dare says that the presentation is 100% and feeling of eating these flowers gives one a "loved" feeling. Great food at a fair price. Die die must try experience.

After you had taken all the photo at the city walls, cathedrals (one of them was used in Game of Throne movie), come back for the evening sunset photo shooting again... starting at the river, then skirt up to the old city walls (again).  Stopped here for 20-30mins to witness the sunset against the snow capped mountain far in the horizon.  This would be a million $$$ view which make the entire Spain holiday worth all the VTL hassles.

U-turn back to the Cathedral and continue more photo shoots.  This place (steps/stairs) will be lit with flood light and it looks exactly like day time.  However, after you took a picture, you'll noticed a slight different.  The windows were lit with yellowish light. 
Wow, this yellowish hue makes the photo entirely different from the day time.  It's so romantic! so lovely!

With that, my friend, go for your well deserved dinner, eg. Paella and a fresh squeeze Orange juice, to rejuvenate your youth.  Big Grin

[Image: zzdsc03495tt.jpg]

Merry Christmas and hope everyone had a peaceful holiday too.

Spain Figueres, 费盖莱斯。 西班牙旅游城市,位比雷奈山脉 (Cordillera Pirenaica)东端和布拉瓦海岸 (Costa Brava) 之间,深受加泰罗尼亚文化熏陶。

[Image: 81.jpg]

Again, if you're near Barcelona, other than Girona, Figueres would be a nice little town to stay. In Spain, there is a famous artist (beyond a painter) called Dali 萨尔瓦多·达利. 

He is talented with multiple skillsets.  Dali Museum in Figueres is a must visit.  Plus, another seaside town which is his home aka he spend a lot of time there called Dali House at Cadaques卡达克斯.
Amazing place which you must visit.
[Image: DSC7268.jpg]

If you're driving to Cadaques, it's going to be a windy ride from the main road towards the sea. Climbing up and swirling left and right before you reached the open sea. Remember to stop near the mountain peak and took more pictures.

西班牙最美小镇之滨海拖萨(Tossa De Mar)

[Image: 20090627091648__mg_0055_6_7b.jpg]

If you don't study Geography, you might not be aware that Barcelona is actually a seaside town - Yes, it is.

Along the coastal, moving north, there are quite a few charming seaside towns - Cadaques is one of them.

However, there is one which is the most charming - Tossa de Mar.
I would says that if you are pressing for time aka you don't have a lot of time to spend in this area, then Tossa de Mar would be the one that you should do a day trip (don't need to stay overnight).


Many would know that Spain is a Catholic Country.
Similar to Jeju Olle Walking Festival, Spain also have a famous walking route called Way of St James Camino de Santiago.  Closer to Barcelona, there is a famous Pilgrimages sites which is Montserrat.

[Image: montserrat-monastery.jpg]

The Black Madonna in the Basilica of Montserrat definitely attracted a lot of Pilgrims. In fact, the train from Barcelona to Montserrat is so convenient that most of the time, tourists from Barcelona will packed their picnic lunch, took an early train to the foot of the mountain and cable car up the mountain and then spend the day wondering around before returning.  The cost of the trip is very reasonable and hence lots of day-trippers from Barcelona.

This is exactly what I think most (if not all) people missed out... stay for the one night.

This mountain has spirit (灵气). There are a lot of walking trails. Spend the night here and walk down as well as up the mountain.
Stay outside the Basilica and watch the sunset before going inside and look for the famous "Boys' Choirs" - you will get a surpise!

What I recommend you to stay overnight is actually the morning sunrise.  Check google weather and set your alarm.  Wake up early and go to the Basilica and wait for the sunrise.

It's another million dollar view (c.f. Tossa de Mar too).

自驾游? Driving? 
[Image: ?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcalifornia-times-brig...-trips.jpg]

Barcelona - Torssa de Mar - Figueres - Cadaques - Girona - Montserrat 
about 500km which is doable with train and bus, so there is no need  to drive actually.

However, if you're the type who love the freedom of self-drive holiday, then I would encourage you to self-drive.  

50Euro per day - why not?

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