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Full Version: Strange Spain
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There are many building that I had visited, east and western style.

One of the strangest one is in Spain.

The aerial view looks quite normal like this:
P.S. if it looks too big on your computer screen, then type CTRL minus a few times to reduce the size. To make it bigger, CTRL plus. Enjoy:

[Image: the_great_mosque_at_cordoba__spain1332964868772.png]

The interior is stunning:

[Image: original_B69779FAC0C18D91BDCB7CD9329A9D3A.jpg]

[Image: 2434951553350.JPG]

[Image: 14803461-mihrab-in-the-great-mosque-mezq...-in-co.jpg]
Acros has two characteristics:
1. The whole town is white
2. Orange trees are dotted on the road

The town is build on the slope of a hill.
Painted white with extremely narrow passage.
When a car drove by, you'll need to look for a door and climb up it's latch to prevent over-run by the car.

Enjoy Acros de la Fontera:

[Image: DSC01317.JPG]

Smile Luckily, there are plenty of door/latch to escape over-run by cars:
[Image: 1161.jpg]

[Image: area_arcos.jpg]

Smile Though I never try, I was told that the orange is bitter and was use to make marmalade jam for England.


and the back of Acros (which is facing a cliff).
When you are leaving Acros, driving toward the Andalusia.
You'll see this picture/view of Acros.
Looks very different from it's frontage.


[Image: Arcosblog.jpg]
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See this whenever you walk around in Spain: