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Full Version: Companies that are incorporated in offshore tax haven countries- any issues?
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I find a number of HK companies incorporated in BVI, cayman islands, etc
listed in Hang Seng mkt

is this normal?

why aren't they incorporated in HK???
which one?
there are many in HK,

361 degree, asr holdings, belle international, huabao, sincere watch, loads of themmmm
1. Hong Kong was previously a British Colony and during the 12 years period before July 1997 ( return date to China rule ), many businesses in Hong Kong had to decide how to protect their company assets .

Some companies like Jardine Group moved their listing to Singapore and HSBC did a takeover of Midland bank and moved their HQ to London. Other local companies decided to to moved their HQ to Off-Shore centres such as BVI and Bahamas etc

2. The other reason for using off-shore registration is that some foreign companies investing in business in China could negotiate tax concessions.