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Full Version: What's in my mind?
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The market is going no where.
The under-currents are so strong and yet it appears so peaceful on the surface.

Instead of talking about the market, I choose to talk about something else that make sense to me and hopefully meaningful to you.

Enjoy reading and just reply and share your experiences too.

We are here to stay.

Thank you for reading.
Big Grin
I think this thread is a great idea!

I've just come back from a long holiday so holidaying is the last thing on my mind. Busy at work because it's open season again at my workplace.

As for the market, isn't usually a good time to be preparing when the market is quiet? Like the calm before the storm. Best get your umbrellas or shelters ready.
The year is coming to a close.
Did I make good my resolutions laid out beginning of 2012?
What have I achieved in 2012?
Or was it just 'so so', another year just gone by, meaning no high no low, life 'ping ping kwor'.
I am sure we don't want to have to call it year of ‘Annus Horribilis', word borrowed from Queen Elizabeth.
Got money, got time, got mood - go see the world.
Otherwise, just walk the park, and seeing people passing by is also a great pastime!
This year we were cushioned by budget made in 2011

but a lot of forecast for 2013 are already not good. A lot of cuts and layoffs are planned for next year.

Good news is the timely leadership change in US and China. All leaders have essentially same goals, provide livelihoods prosperity for the people so they can continue to hold on to their office. So in short provide stimulus and that's what Chinese and US new leaders going to do.

My view is whoever runs for US president will not be able to do much they are "trapped" by the system. If Romney cones in and he really does what he says things may change just a little bit only, there's still that 600 billion cliff overhang? That will require taking more debt which they will turn to the FED that Romney has promised to launch an audit into their affairs hmmm how will that go. What about providing jobs that requires stimulus ie more printing money. Penalizing China? Then they will stop buy US treasuries veto any bill at UN and ignore American concerns on Iran and North Korea. Big Grin