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Full Version: Bryan Wong: roaming in Europe December 2011
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Phantom ... you can see in Singapore or also London....

Austria...mmm.... quite difficult to see

If you really really scare of cold, then southern Italy or southern Spain (better).
Northern Italy will get snow (last year was extremely snow/weather).

Look at the map...

+ Mr Porkbelly - I imagine that you are/were a commodity trader...
Appreciate your comments...
Sometime, I feel very lonely here...
Let's make the world a better place to live and travel...

Heart Love Compassion
Bryan Wong switches channel - ST 19.4.14

Best known as a Mandarin host, started out in English language drama more than 20 years ago.
Bryan will host the local version of American game show:
"Minute To Win It".

PS. Bryan is also hosting a European travel group on next week (April 14) in Romania.

Heart Love Compassion

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
Some updates on Bryan Romania trip.
Depart 28 April 2014 under 我的导游是名星9 / My star guide 9.

He is back after 10 days. see here:
[Image: bryan%20romania%202.jpg]

[Image: bryan%20romania%201.jpg]

Romania, anyone?
[Image: bryan%20romania%203.jpg]
Heart Love Compassion
Bryan Minute to WIN.
This gonna be a hit!
Watch it here:

Heart Love Compassion
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