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Full Version: Holiday Travel on M/S Sija Serenade
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Wow! Wow! Wow!
The pictures we see through your eyes really make us salivate. How we wish you posted all these pictures much, much earlier. You really have an eye for beauty. I suppose you plan all your itineraries and not follow some cheap skate tour. We will be surprised if you were. We are too old to join you already. (65+)
Nevertheless thank you for the pictures. They are not only beautiful; they are beautifully rare. CHIU CHAI KOU is nothing comparable. imo.
Hi T,
Think so much for what? Just follow your heart.
Got time, call up your friends and lim kopi.

I enjoyed your posts too - vast knowledge, experiences, relevant and up-to-date. keep it coming...ok?


(09-06-2013, 08:51 AM)chialc Wrote: [ -> ]I am stressed!

I paused and do a quick check on my emotions.

Fear is there. It presents itself like a invisible wall - preventing me from going outside the Ferry terminal. Undecided

Excitement is there too. Happy Happy, couldn't wait to experience the brand new world. Cool

As usual, I summon my courage and wear a brilliant smile and walk straight out of the door... I'm prepared.

In front, I saw my fellow Ferry-mate loading up into a hugh white coach and they will be "pampered" by their tour guide.

On my right, there is a row of 5-6 private cars lining up nicely. Their drivers standing uniformly besides their vehicle eagerly waiting for their boss. Something tell me that these are TAXI, probably the illegal one but I can not confirm. Just my instinct.

I continue dragging my luggage and hoping to see other Ferry mate going my direction but no luck. I'm the only one walking out of the Terminal.

I saw a man wearing a jockey cap with a newspaper on his hand.
I walk up to him and repeatedly says, "Bus, bus, bus?"
He understood me and signal me to walk along the road on my right.

After walking for 50 meter, the road bend 90 degree and I saw a few people standing along the road side.
They are not just standing, they were actually queuing.
The first person was standing next to a lamppost disguised as a bus-stop. Big Grin

Quote:Earlier, I found out that Bus 11/12 will go to my hotel.
I only have 2 nights in St Petersburg, so, logically, I choose my hotel near to THE NO. 1 tourist sites.
I paid a bit more but I got the convenience of visiting THE NO. 1 attractions a few times during the short stay.
Plus, it's usually super easy to find public transport there too.

Like everyone, I joined in the queue.
We boarded thru the middle door.
Unlike Singapore OMO bus, this one has a conductor (walking around).
I told the lady bus conductor that I'm going to Hermitage Museum and she shook her hands.
She didn't understand me, she kept shaking her head too.

My heart sunk and I felt bad. Hermitage Museum is THE NO.1 attraction. How could the bus conductor don't know?

A old lady stepped up and spoke in English, "Where are you going?"
"Hermitage Museum. Thank you", I smiled.
She nodded her head and told the conductor "Ehrr-mee-TASH".
"Thank you, thank you" - I repeated.

Few minutes later, I alighted and greeted by the Hermitage Museum:

[Image: 547668_570581209633273_1628704153_n.jpg]

With my luggage, I stood there for 30 mins watching the parade and party celebration that's going on.
[Image: 397803_443657662386261_403958475_n.jpg]

And this is the aerial view of Hermitage. I alighted from the bus on the left. Walk right to the parade square and my hotel is on the right hand sides of the buildings. Make sense to choose Hermitage as my base.

[Image: 524418_316832731713639_1789463408_n.jpg][/b]
Fantastic and "Bombastic"!
i really appreciate the angles of view you capture your photos- beautifully angel; opps.... beautifully angled.
Thanks for the photos.
i think you are very good with your 3rd eye. Are you a professional in photography? Hey! Hey! Hey! Who says all professional photographer have the same 3rd eye? Not me hoh?
Your photography reminds me of my wife's niece. She is a GIC scholar serving her bond in Europe. But her love for art shows in her photography and paintings.
Keep posting more, i really enjoy your photography talent.
Hi T,
There are still many things that I wanted to learn (from you).

Just to clarify, these are not my photos.

It is from Hermitage Museum Foundation:

(09-06-2013, 12:13 PM)chialc Wrote: [ -> ]Hi T,
There are still many things that I wanted to learn (from you).

Just to clarify, these are not my photos.

It is from Hermitage Museum Foundation:

Oh! Nevertheless you have the 3rd eye to appreciate such beautiful pictures. Keep up your posting.
I plan for a day trip out of St Petersburg.
I need some help to decide going to Peterhof or Catherine Palace.

During check-in, I asked the receptionist, "Peterhof or Catherine Palace?"

She looked at me with a blank face, so I had to write-down "Peterhof, Catherine Palace."

She looked up with a smile and pointed to Peterhof. She explains that most teenagers go to Peterhof and she went there once too.
She says nothing about Catherine Palace...
My choice is clear.

I took a metro to Avtovo station and then come out to wait for the bus to Peterhof.
When the bus come, I says "Peterhof" and the driver shake his head. Instead, he pointed to another bus stop at the opposite direction.
"Spasibo." I thanks him in Russian.

Opposite, there is a minibus waiting at the bus stop.
I climb up the minibus and ask the driver, "Peterhof?"
He look at me and take up a piece of paper with something looks like a time table, destination with numbers.
He points to a row that says 70-90.

I pass him 100 ruble and he returned me 20. Strange, isn't it?

To double confirm, I asked again "Peterhof?", and he nodded his head and pointed to a empty seat.

I sit down and after a ride with 20 minutes of Russian air, I arrived at Peterhof.

Lots of Water, Gold and please imagine that there is a live band playing classical music by your side when you're watching these photos:

[Image: tumblr_mj5lpeIBHh1r6b8aao1_500.jpg]

Peterhof is famous for it's fountains and water tricks, tell me if you know what's the tricks is. Smile
[Image: PeterhoffFountains.jpg]
Go West!
This is the way to be....

Take a deep breath and imagine the air is crisp and clear.

You're driving along a coaster area in Norway...

Stop your car and took a short break to admire....

Take good care of ourself and treasure every moment of our life.

[Image: 86d81e66.jpg]
(photo credit:

Heart Love Compassion
Amazing views from DJI Phantom.
Love it!

Heart Love Compassion
dear valuebuddies,
straco - oh my straco .

Micro-Mechanics operates in China and it takes 100 pounds of energy in order to maintain it's moat.
Tough business.

Chilled. It's ever increasing SOA ticket price says something very unique.
Unlike MM, I had never been worried holding Straco since I vested in 2017.

13th Jan 2018 fool Andrew Nga published an article on Straco:

It reflected my sentiments on Straco.

Read it and tell me what you see?
[Image: uc?id=18KykOBO0rAFKlPGWgm92oHcVCChduLOM]
星雅集团 Why buy Straco Corporation?
Just in case you did not watch this video,
I re-post it here again.

Valuebuddies is actually a very well know value investment forum.
In particular, the *other* forum talks about those guys in is pushing Micro-Mechanics very hard.

Micro-Mechanics take off after Paul Chew's report.
No return.
More analyst will report on Micro-Mechanics.
Nothing is going to stop MM from catching attentions.

MM just need to continue work hard 7x24 365days, as usual.
It's management will take care of OPMI.
We just collect dividend and watch it grow Quarter by Quarter,

Of course, Micro-Mechanics was not so hot at that time.
The #1 hottest stocks in valuebuddies (and *other* forum) was actually Bestworld.

It started as nobody (just like Micro-Mechanics).
Post #5 by boon:
[Image: uc?id=159rXFpO3RSdwVL7Fj5xEMJduqjtRysz6]

Back in 2012, who could had imagined that Bestworld becomes a 10 bagger?
How many can withstand the temptation to sell when Bestworld double, tripple, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x and more?

It's a good run and really thank you boon for the great coverage!

What is this going to do with Straco?
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