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Full Version: Santak
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Dear all,

Anybody has comments on Santak. Its recent result shows significant increase in net profit.

Santak Holdings Limited is an investment holding company that provides managerial, administrative, supervisory and consultancy services to any company, in which the Company has an interest. It has three divisions: Precision Engineering and Assembly, which involves the manufacture of precision machined components, sub-assembly, die-casting, as well as mold/fixture design and fabrication; Trading and Distribution, which involved in the trading and distribution of electronic, electrical and mechanical components/products, and investment and management services, which involves investments holding, provision of management, administrative, supervisory and consultancy services to its entities. Its products are used in hard-disk drive, telecommunication devices, fiber-optics connectors, consumer electronic devices, mobile phones, optical instrument devices, medical equipment and connectors/contacts. Its subsidiaries include Santak Metal Manufacturing Pte Ltd and Santak Industrial Pte Ltd.
I think this is a vastly undervalued counter.
P/E is only at 3X, and dividend yield at 5.3%.