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Full Version: AMS Public Transport Holdings (0077)
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vested some yrs back.

Reasons then:
1. cash-based biz
2. net current liabilities
3. hilly terrain of HK which prevents big buses from serving certain routes
4. co. stock code 77 is displayed in their minibuses.
interesting thks for sharing
Company has posted a profit warning of expected decline in interim profits for period ending 30Sept 2012.
15 jan 2014

The Board has noted from the 2014 Policy Address delivered by the Chief Executive of the
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the “HKSAR”) today that the HKSAR
Government will extend the Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and
Eligible Persons with Disabilities (the “Scheme”) to green minibuses by phases starting from
the first quarter of 2015.

The Board would like to confirm that the Company is not aware
of any details, including without limitation the implementation timetable, relating to the said
extension of the Scheme to the green minibus industry.
another spike up today due to extension of rail network announced on 17 sept.

what would be a fair valuation price?