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No surprise since Boustead and Indian owned Sembcorp Engineers have previously abandoned the project after due diligence.

Akira is a yesteryear failure already.

(01-07-2012, 02:47 PM)ValueBeliever Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, this just in Lucrum/TT terminate the agreement. What a shocker!
(01-07-2012, 04:58 PM)greengiraffe Wrote: [ -> ]No surprise since Boustead and Indian owned Sembcorp Engineers have previously abandoned the project after due diligence.

Akira is a yesteryear failure already.

(01-07-2012, 02:47 PM)ValueBeliever Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, this just in Lucrum/TT terminate the agreement. What a shocker!

Next time need to remember, if Mr Wong Fong Fui rejects a proposal - better dont even try to outsmart whosoever connected fund interested. This is Spore - full well healed and connected playing with small fish like us. All micro cap be it popiah king or koh boon wee - they are all out to get our money!
TTI has negative equity, no earning power, the entire company is still selling for around 50million today at the price of 6.7cents, so so interesting. People do enjoy playing musical chair, in the hope that someone will pay a higher price tomorrow
this type of crap company ...well one can try buying at 2 to 3 cents if it drops to those levels...

artivision too...kept making loss but always very high volume...
Artivision is making loss year after year, since its IPO...[share price = 26 cents]

TT International has a -ve NAV of 12.6 cents....[share price = 6.7 cents]

Aussino does not have any cash and NAV is only abt 7 cents....[share price = 11.7 cents]

ShanghaiAsia Holdings (with solid cash of $160mil or 18 cents per share) of which New Toyo owned 34%. Pending cash payout.
[ share price = 17.5 cents]

Something wrong with Mr Market?
Sing Holdings going to have 100million in NET profits to recognise till 2013 with NAV of 43c and RNAV of 65cent trading at 32c Rolleyes
Lets all face the fact, as a small investor we are no match against people with information on this type of counter. The fact that we do not have FED that rescue all the fail bank, doesnt mean our gov is letting go of rescuing failed Co. from banks book.

Dont really know how TT is going to finance bigbox. Alrdy the former founder had been discharge from bankruptcy thanks to speculator money. By keeping the BigBox alive, Gov has indirectly keep the stock from being a dead penny. Obviously, S chip is a embarrassment and rescuing our own local made up for their sins!

Every bit of help to our SME is worth it. Ppl who speculate in pennies have to face up to the fact that the big players have their own agenda and the regulators can only hope that things dont get carried too far, ie it can swing betw trade but will not be able to ramp it up.

Frankly I m a little concern that Mr Koh sold so many GSH and its a indication, pennies are not going to be easy to turnaround?
I m both disappointed with the government and SGX. Why do they want to play around with people hard earned savings in this kind of market?

If TT has problem raising funds its a clear sign that things are not right with the loan/equity structure going into negotiation. At the heart of this MATTER, government license on operating the so call big box "sort export retailing??" It cannot be transferred and as FF Wong said "if your equity partner TT goes into trouble, the entire project/money poured into it will come to a knot"

I hate the way Government handle this kind of matter, NO TRANSPARENCY after months of speculation in the market as a government they cant give a strait answer!

Who in the decision making needs to declare their stake? Otherwise, many millions will be made on a unfair ground. SGX is a casino when come to this kind of matter. The CK is no other the guy in the known. Better dont play with them....they will cheat you.

I do not own the stock and just see that long gone are the days when policy matter is clear. If a Co. need to survive, gov should help. If a policy on the modus of operation cannot be changed to be fair to the key market... the gov should said so... why make the market guess. I find this kind of lack of decision at the top very unsettling to all players of TT. How many rounds you want the CK to ripe off!!
You go and ask government investigate Lucrum lor. How come they can suka suka just terminate the investment framework agreement?
if TT needs to go bankrupt so be it! If gov link Co. needs to be involved in the restructuring - lets get on with it.

It is not a easy thing to do, thats why we pay top $$ to gov civil servant and minister. Why should some1 holding that pcs of critical information, everyday let the market speculate to no end. More misery if the speculation gets too high, like it did in Lucrum deal.

Lucrum alrdy revisited what FF Wong saw as a real challenge - if TT concept cannot work, and it goes bust so the license goes with it... Actually, this so called big and cheap retail with export zone is not competitive? So it will die later. Might as well cancel the license now and let it be known. Understand that the license is NON TRANSFERABLE, ie TT has to operate it!

Its that simple. Wasting investor money speculating in and out.... who is benefiting most is the guy holding the decision. To me that decision is very straight forward unless TT still owes a lot of money to OCBC and others. Vested interest of the Banks are still being protected?

There are no suckers for this deal period!
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