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A CLEANER who had sex with a property agent gave him an ultimatum: pay $1,500 or she would tell the police he had molested her.

But the agent, Mr Seow Wai Hoe, went to the police and yesterday, a district court sentenced the cleaner, Kathijah Bibi Abdullah, 27, to three months in jail.

She pleaded guilty to committing criminal intimidation by threatening to injure the reputation of Mr Seow, by lodging a police report accusing him of molestation.

The court heard that he had called a chat line at 6pm on June 26 and got to know Kathijah.

They exchanged telephone numbers and planned to meet later that evening.

At about 8.30pm, he picked her up along Bugis Street in his car.

Mr Seow, 41, then drove to Kent Ridge Park, where they chatted and had sex.

He then took her to Plaza Singapura. She worked as a cleaner and was to help a colleague with some cleaning jobs, she told him.

During the journey, she also asked him for a loan of $50. He handed over $30 and offered to drive her home after she finished helping her friend, which he did at 2am.

In the carpark near her flat in Jalan Bukit Merah, she asked him to wait for her to go upstairs to get the $30 she owed him.

A few minutes later, he received a text message from her, saying that her grandmother had seen her alighting from his car and now wanted her to lodge a police report that he had molested her in the park earlier.

Kathijah wanted $1,500 for not going to the cops.

Mr Seow bargained it down to $1,000 and promised to make the first payment of $600 the following day.

But he had a change of heart and went to the police, and she was arrested.

The slim, tattooed woman, who did not have a lawyer, could have been sentenced to two years in jail or a fine, or to both.

(22-11-2011, 01:44 PM)Stocker Wrote: [ -> ]Mr Seow bargained it down to $1,000 and promised to make the first payment of $600 the following day.

putting his property agent skill to good use.. Big Grin
He seems to be a " Private" property specialist .
This article has no direct relation to property, so I have filed it under "Ă–thers" instead.