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Full Version: Stamford Land
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Chairman CK Ow acquired 280,000 shares on 16-17-09 from open market.
This is his first purchase since year 2004. 280,000 shares were considered small but the significance of his purchase has created relatively positive impact on the share price and volume today.
He bought for reason he knows best.Idea
The last remaining hotel stock that is worth buying.
Luxury Hotels that are situated in city central are great assets and most of the SLC hotels are 5 stars hotel.
Besides the great discount to net assets, the reasonable dividend yield means that it is worthwhile to hold on to Stamford Land.

Lastly,the catalyst to 2011 and 2012 earning, the recognition of sale of Stamford Residences units in Sydney.

In the last annual report, Ow CK wrote "The sale of Stamford Residences & Reynell Terraces units will be recognised upon project completion and this will contribute significantly to our bottom-line in the financial year ending 2012."

Interestingly, one of independent directors of SLC is a former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.. hehe. Mr Ow really has good connections in Oz.
Wrong computation I think.
Perhaps, he 'purposely' stated the wrong price so as to give the share price a boost Smile Smile.

As what yeokiwi expected, it is a typo instead of $0.59451 it should be $0.54945 Smile Smile.

Will the share price drop after the correction???

Mr Ow is learning from Mr Ben Chng of Viz Branz. Buy and buy and buy....
The value of stamford land lies in the chain of hotels with many sweeteners like dynons plaza, stamford residences etc.

Hotel stocks especially those with 5 stars hotels are proven to be good long term holdings.


would like to share on this undervalued company.

RNAV is at least SGD 1, esp with strong AUD.

Mr Ow has been buying from open market recently, since the last offer of 29.5 cents few years ago.

any comments are welcomed!

Management says FY12 will be a bumper year for the Company when most of the development projects are online. I will take a look at this company next week...hotel companies tend to be good asset plays with juicy special dividends being distributed when asset values are realized.
(27-11-2010, 11:42 PM)tonylim Wrote: [ -> ]Last AGM I asked Chairman Ow personally ( after the AGM) why the management wanted to sell The Dynons Plaza , his reply was ' since there were people who wish to offer to buy this building and the management was in the view that selling this property will help to bring the gearing down, why not '. But Ow doesn't seem to be working towards the direction of selling this building at all , base on the recent development. Perhaps one reason is the Project in Sydney is selling very well and could be fully sold by now, the total proceeds from this project is well exceeding A$200 Millions, so there is no urgency to sell Dynons Plaza ?

Unless I am mistaken, the same asset is generating A$9.8 million a year worth of rental income or am I confusing it for another asset ? I noticed that if we take away the revaluation gains in the latest financial statements, the real profit is pretty low ? Or is this due to the fact that bulk of its earnings come from development ?

Thanks Tongue
Fluctuation is very low. Slow and steady.
I was initially very concerned about its high debt loads.
I like the fact that the profits of the sales will only be recognised on TOP and transfer of title Smile

Have any fellow forum members been to/ stayed/ saw its hotels in Aus and NZ? Any comments? I've not seen it with my eyes before hence unable to vouch its level of service.