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This resulted in a fair value gain of $58.5 million recognised in its other income.

Yoma Strategic's 2Q earnings up sevenfold to $26.2 mil on improved real estate performance
Shareholders' Trip to Yangon, Myanmar

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. invites shareholders to participate in a 3-day 2-night trip to Yangon, Myanmar, from 18 - 20 March 2020.

This will be the sixth time Yoma Strategic has hosted its shareholders in Yangon. Through the Shareholders’ Trip, the Group aims to better engage its shareholders and allow them to have a better understanding of its businesses and the business environment in Myanmar. The itinerary will include site visits to certain key projects and interactive sessions with key executives, as well as a tour of notable Yangon tourist attractions.

Yoma Strategic will organise the on-ground transportation in Yangon and partially sponsor some meal costs. Shareholders will need to cover the cost of their flights and accommodation, and are encouraged to book through the appointed travel agency in Singapore for logistical efficiency.

If you wish to join the Shareholders’ Trip, please email by 14 February 2020, 5 p.m. Singapore time with the following details:
* Full name
* Identification card number (Singapore residents)
* Proof of shareholding (for foreign investors and nominees)
* Address and telephone contact details

Please also note that the trip is available to shareholders with shares of the Company standing to the credit of their Securities Accounts maintained with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited as at 31 January 2020. The Company seeks your understanding that registration will be based on a first-come-first-served basis and is subject to availability.

More details in
Yoma 12 month result as at 30 Sep 2020
Rev USD103m (vs 91m)
GP  USD 33m (vs 45m)
Net Loss USD65m (vs 37m)

The Group’s real estate business continues to see momentum. Star Villas Phase 2 will launch in the coming months following the success of Star Villas Phase 1 at StarCity. The Group is also looking to enhance and expand the development plan for StarCity to transform it into a commercial and activity hub. There are also plans for more City
Loft projects in other locations in Yangon. Yoma Central has commenced its leasing activities and is in advanced negotiations with anchor tenants for its office and retail spaces.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.

Yoma - halted

Stay home and stay healthy, everyone.
Looks like another Thailand in the making. Nothing much the world democracies can do about it. Imposing sanctions simply push them to China.


The Board of Directors of Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) refers to the news on 1 February 2021 that Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counsellor of Myanmar and other top government leaders from the National League Democracy party in Myanmar have been detained. Myanmar’s military has also announced a one-year state of emergency, during which the military would be taking over the affairs of Myanmar, and the removal of 24 ministers and deputies with 11 replacements already announced in its new administration. It has further pledged to hold new elections after one year and operate in line with existing laws.
Yoma 1Q2021 trading update
Rev USD24m (vs 24m)
“The second wave of COVID-19 transmission has had an impact on economic activities and consumer spending, but our real estate and financial services businesses remained resilient. During the quarter, our real estate development arm recorded significant growth, while Wave Money's business continued to expand with digital monthly active users reaching more than 2 million in January. The political developments in Myanmar this week have resulted in intermittent disruption in some of the Group’s businesses, but many of our services, including Wave Money, KFC and Kospa, have resumed operations. The Group believes it still too early to ascertain the longer-term impact of the current political situation on its businesses and will continue to monitor the situation closely.” 
Melvyn Pun, CEO

Stay home and stay healthy, everyone.
Been looking at Yoma Strategic and Memories. We started to wonder how the coup would affect the debt on their balance sheet.

Would any of the banks choose not to continue a banking relationship due to the fact that Yoma derive most of their revenue from Myanmar? Or if any international agencies who are currently working with Yoma may choose to pull out leaving Yoma's capital to be in inadequate?

In addition, property prices will fall and that will affect the valuation as well.

Is there a chance that there may be fund raising from Yoma soon to help de-risk the balance sheet?

The price may just get even lower.

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Yoma 1H2021 Result
Rev USD43m (vs 52m)
Gross Loss USD29m (vs 35m)
Net Loss USD21m (vs 17m)

The Group expects its businesses to be impacted in varying degrees for the foreseeable future: 
- Real Estate Development (StarCity and Pun Hlaing Estate): Construction works for sold units are expected to continue at StarCity for City Loft and Star Villas and at Pun Hlaing Estate, albeit at a slower overall construction pace. The aggregate of US$19 million of unrecognised revenue for the sold units is expected to be realised in the Group’s financial results as construction progresses. 

- Real Estate Services: Residential leasing is expected to remain active and will be augmented by an increase in commercial leasing activities after October 2021. The Group is converting the Dulwich College campus at StarCity into an office building and the anchor tenant which had been secured for the Star Hub development2 has agreed to take up the lease in this office building instead. The development plan for StarCity into a commercial and activity hub would be deferred and the suspension of the Dulwich School in Yangon in the near-term is not expected to have a material impact on the Group’s financial results. 

- Real Estate - Yoma Central: Given the uncertainty in the economic environment, the Yoma Central project is to be suspended temporarily in the near- to medium-term, alongside other large-scale construction projects in the country. Negotiations with the main works contractor are being concluded to secure the construction site and to suspend activities. The shareholders and lenders are in discussions to restructure the project loans (which are limited recourse with respect to Yoma Strategic) while reserving their respective rights. All stakeholders are in a constructive dialogue to observe the market conditions and explore a revised construction and financing plan when the environment is more favorable. 

- Wave Money: While slower economic activities will still impact Wave Money’s business, the resumption of the Wave Money app on mobile 4G networks is expected to help meaningfully in the recovery of transaction volumes and monthly active users. The Company had informed shareholders on 03 May 2021 that the long stop date of 30 April 2021 in relation to the proposed strategic partnership in Wave Money with Ant Group and the Group’s proposed acquisition of controlling interest of Wave Money from Telenor Group had not been extended by the parties. Following this, the Company will likely explore other available opportunities as the parties acknowledged that they have no obligations to complete either or both transactions. Further announcements would be made as and when appropriate. 

- Yoma Fleet: While the majority of its leases are long-term, Yoma Fleet is closely monitoring the credit condition of its customers and focusing on the collection of lease payments. The Group expects collections to remain challenging with increased risk of delinquencies. Furthermore, Yoma Fleet does not expect AUM growth in the near- to medium- term until the financing markets recover. 

- F&B: The Group’s restaurants businesses will be affected by consumer spending disruptions throughout the country. The Group will look to permanently or temporarily close up to a third of its restaurants if they can no longer be operated profitably. 

- Automotive and Heavy Equipment: Sales of motor vehicles and heavy equipment are expected to remain slow due to weakened sentiment, supply chain disruptions and reduced availability of hire-purchase financing from local banks.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
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