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Full Version: Who's in the lead for the Presidential Election?
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(29-08-2011, 08:37 AM)touzi Wrote: [ -> ]The things that TKL said during the compaign make more sense to me than those of TCB and definitely TJS. In my opinion, TKL does not deserve to lose his deposit. The fact that he does, reinforce my believe that one's physical appearance does matter many times in life. Sad, but true. We live in a shallow world.

Yes. It does.
The same presentation that is handled by different persons may yield drastically different responses.
TKL does not come across as too polish when he was compared side by side with the other 3.

However, to say that the rest of the electorate is shallow simply because TKL lost his deposit is a bit too harsh Tongue.
TKL's does not offer much more that the rest. At the same time, I was rather curious over the grudges between INCOME and him. Apparently, he departed INCOME due to reasons that were not too pleasant.

Same with TJS, I think there are some skeletons too judging from the poison letter and his overly aggressive approach. Probably he was pissed off with somebodies in the past.
As for TT, there are plenty of skeletons I suppose but all are locked up by OSA haha..

So far, TCB seems to have the least hidden secrets. His works in clinic and listed firms were quite known to most people.
And Chuan hup was a super dividend yield stock in the 90s and early 2000s.
(29-08-2011, 09:19 AM)sgd Wrote: [ -> ]We don't need high profile individuals to be president, first of all a president does not run the country the cabinet does, a president is just a custodian with a few powers so having so such high profile is really no meaning.

Well, you have a point there but it is really hard to say someone is "over qualified" for the post of President, no matter where he comes from and what his background was. After all, President is the head of state. Since we have 4 candidates to choose from, voters will select the one that they think is best for the job. You won't intentionally select the second best if you think the best is too good for the job right?

I pesonally think that TT needs to buy TKL a good lunch. If TKL did not take part in this race, his 4% votes will go to either TCB or TJS. People who vote TKL will be unlikely to vote for TT. So a small swing to TCB will be enough to send him to the Istana.
That why so tulan TKL now...Ego seem more impt to him then to serve.(low EQ)
I nv support him and Jiao sai after this PE.
For a 4m/ year job with minimal work, I think we could easily get a high profile, highly intelligent eye candy...sadly none of the 4 are fits the bill
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