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I think today's announcement on Food Junction opening a new food court at Yusof Ishak House, NUS Kent Ridge campus, is a most welcoming piece of news.....

I would love to go try it some day.
1,063 sq ft? A food-court of the size of a 4-room flat?
alot of shareholder value eroded.vested at 68 cents.
(14-10-2010, 09:01 PM)cif5000 Wrote: [ -> ]1,063 sq ft? A food-court of the size of a 4-room flat?

I believe the 1,063 sq ft may refer to the area accupied by the 8 food stores and the kitchen, as it is also mentioned in the 3rd para of the news release that the food court has "a seating capacity of more than 400".
(14-10-2010, 09:01 PM)cif5000 Wrote: [ -> ]1,063 sq ft? A food-court of the size of a 4-room flat?

If it's replacing the current food court then it should be bigger than a 4-room flat. Good move by FJ I think. Every time I've been there, there's been a decent lunch crowd. I'm not sure what's the rental NUS is charging them though.

Not vested.
Sian... the entire Singapore food scene has been ravaged by Kopitiam, Food Junction, Kou Fu, NTUC foodfare.

Thanks to HDB for not building and running hawker centres.
hawker centres i think is owned by NEA..but hawker centre has no air-con..which is a big minus is hot humid singapore
hi just wondering if fellow shareholders have taken a read on the circular dated 13 Oct 2010 on the proposed acquisition of entire issued share capital of all around limited for HK$31million.

I read and saw that the lippo chiuchow restaurant has been profitable since 2007 and has these questions before casting my vote:
1) why did lippo china resources limited, a controlling shareholder of FJI, want to sell the profitable restaurant to FJI;
2) LCR catering's 25 March 2010 tenacy agreement with West holding will expires on 31 March 2013, is it commong to have such duration of leasing in Hong Kong?
3) the financial statement of LCR catering has not been audited and the independent financial adviser primepartner relied on it, is it safe for us retail shareholder to then trust its opinion?
4) LCR catering is entitled to distribute dividends of up to HK$10 million to its shareholders prior to completion of this sale/purchase, as such its NTA would decrease from HK$19.7 million to HK$9.7million, i am concerned if FJ will then face a risk for overpaying for this proposed acquisition.
5) LCR catering only has 1 single restaurant business consisting of a few key mgt persons including Mr Ng Wing Fung the executive chef and ng wing sing the deputy chef, i am just wondering if they are happy with the transaction? if not they suddenly leaves or resigns the consequence may be quite bad for this acquisition
Some big minority shareholders needed to sell, and the company took advantage of it and bought back 1,000,000 shares (0.77% of the 129.633m issued shares outstanding) today (10Dec10) at a low price of $0.21.....

Let's see whether there will be a similar buying opportunity in the coming Monday..
why would foodjunction be attractive at this price level when its net profit margin, return on equity are quite low at
5.2% 9.8% & PE about 21 based on the most recent financial data (YTD 3Q) available.

and i read the AR2009 which shows its food court operations profit margins a declining trend 34.8%, 32.3%, 24.1% and 20.4% for fy2006, fy 2007, fy2008 and fy2009 this a cause for concern? i guess is because of many new competing similar foodcourts have mushroomed eg ntuc foodfare foodcourts can be seen almost everywhere these days.
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