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Full Version: SAFRA Might Be Silently Taking $40 Away From You Yearly
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Came across this post. I thought it will be good for those who have served in the army and are not aware of it.

It applies to the Pioneer magazine as well where the NS affilates are deducting without us reading the TnC carefully. Personally, I am aware of it and have cancelled the subscriptions which saves me $50 annually.

Good information for all
Even though 30 ys hv passed, I can still rem me and some of my mates were victims of such scheme or shld i say scam. We were told for free subscriptions during out 2.5 yrs full time NS. After we ROD and went on 4 yrs of uni studies we were surprised almost all of our 1st reservist pay were deducted for safra subscriptions for the past 4 yrs.

Another one was Pioneer magazine subscriptions, some didnt sign for up for it and those who didnt were told to see our platoon sergeant and give him the reason for our opting out of Pioneer magazine. As some were afraid of kana arrowed weekend guard duty so sucked thumb and subscribed for it.