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Full Version: Why Gold Bugs, Bond Bears and Amazon Skeptics Think Alike
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Investing is an arrogant act, ie. when you buy, you are telling the seller that you are wrong and vice versa. Yet at the same time, psychologically, we have to be humble

Temperamentally, it takes a good whole life to learn and be considerably good at mastering this "2 face" persona. 

Why Gold Bugs, Bond Bears and Amazon Skeptics Think Alike

Investors often prefer to stick their heads in the sand rather than confront the evidence in front of them

Another new book, “The Scout Mindset: Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don’t,” by podcaster and author Julia Galef, points out that some people think like soldiers: They will fight to the death to defend their ideas and attack those of others. Instead, you should recast your identity to think like a scout, who simply wants to learn the lay of the land.

Rather than regard yourself as a value investor or a bull or a bear, you might instead think: “I’m the kind of person who takes pride in admitting when I’m wrong.”
Good read. Li Lu calls this being "intellectually honest."

As cited by Zweig, it is easier to do this if you tend to be more objective, with an explorer attitude towards what you encounter.