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Full Version: Wei Yuan Holdings (HK.1343)
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Came across this HK-listed company, they operate in the cable installations for power grid and telecommunication companies in Singapore with a minor business segment in road surfacing.

Company is turning around and looks set to announce 1HFY2021 net profits of s$1.2 million for the first half, second half's results is likely to be s$1.2 million as well because Singapore has removed border measures and re- started the inflow of foreign workers.

The company tendering record is good as they have been constantly completing projects and reporting profits (pre COVID times they reported s$5-8 million annual profits). Potential growth is the expansion of the building industry as Singapore tries to stimulate the country post-COVID by pushing forward infrastructure projects; I expect profits to be s$5 million in 2022; assuming no change in border policies for foreign workers

Current market cap is s$23.5 million (HKD $135 million).

Management is rather conservative in and it feels like a potential TTJ in the making but in a different segment of Singapore's civil engineering industry

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