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A good understanding of the psychic of the YOLO new investor

The Robinhood Conundrum

This seems good: Robinhood now has close to 18 million active users on its platform and manages around $80 billion in assets. More than half of those 18 million customers said this was their first-ever brokerage account.

This seems bad: Nearly 47% of those users use the product on a daily basis. That’s basically just below the most successful social media companies. Among those customers who visted the app on a daily basis, the average number of visits was seven per day.
it manages, or is just processing $80bs in assets?
(09-07-2021, 01:03 PM)brattzz Wrote: [ -> ]it manages, or is just processing $80bs in assets?

The AUM of brokerage companies, seems to be defined by their total client assets (equity + cash + options etc.). They don't "manage" (as in decide, which sector to invest etc.) their clients assets however.