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Full Version: Clubhouse: The Invite-Only Social Media App for iOS
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Elon interviewing (grilling) Vlad (CEO of Robinhood) right now (on the GameStop situation) on Clubhouse is causing quite a stir.

Quote:Invite-only chat app Clubhouse booms in Japan
01 Feb 2021 01:20PM
(Updated: 01 Feb 2021 04:07PM)
TOKYO: Private social audio app Clubhouse is growing rapidly in Japan and now ranks first among free apps on Apple's App Store in a test of its international viability following its latest funding round.

With Facebook losing the trust of millions of people around the world; there is a pent-up demand for viable alternatives (see: Parler, MeWe, Telegram, Signal, iMessage, TikTok etc.).

Expect big opportunities, and big changes, in the Social Media marketing, and AdTech space over the next decade.
On hindsight, Elon interviewing Robin was close to the peak of active users for Clubhouse. Ironically, opening up the app from invite only to free-for-all actually made things worst. Similar as a physical clubhouse, people are vying to enter when it is exclusive but no one bothers when the ticket doesn't signal anything.

Clubhouse Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

In 2022, Clubhouse’s fortunes have declined, as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify have all launched successful live audio apps. Twitter Spaces appears to be gaining most steam, with an already large userbase of celebrities, journalists, and other media types that would regularly launch live audio chats.

Alongside increased competition, Clubhouse has seen a decline in interest for the sector overall, as people have moved away from pandemic-born apps. The lack of revenue generation may hurt Clubhouse’s future prospects of obtaining funding, due to a shift in how investors perceive tech startup value.

Clubhouse has received $110 million in funding since launch. We anticipate it will harder for the app to get funding at the same valuation in 2022.
Maybe the biggest takeaway, isn't that Clubhouse shouldn't be invite only (which was first introduce due to capital/server constrains, and was removed in July 2021), but that Twitter actually did a better job providing a more complete user experience, from audio to visual content, for both content creators and more passive content-consumers.